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Volume 124 - Issue 09: 10 May, 2023
Junior Research Fellowships - Physical Research Laboratory
p. 1014

In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1018

Guest Editorial
Towards stewardship of oceans: Role of G20 countries
p. 1019 | Nayak, Shailesh

Caves as priority areas for the conservation of lesser known mammalian fauna in Meghalaya, North East India
p. 1021 | Saikia, Uttam; Daly, Brian Kharpran; Ruedi, Manuel

Karankadu mangroves – an ecological asset to the Indian east coast
p. 1023 | Arunprasath, A.; Sreeram, S.; Vel, V. Sankara

2023 King Faisal International Prize for Science and Medicine
p. 1024 | Khan, Sameen Ahmed

3rd Online Science Writing Workshop
p. 1025 | Karthic, A.

Health in a changing climate: empowering health professionals
p. 1027 | Paramesh, H.; Sankam, Joshitha

Current Science Reports
p. 1029

General Articles
Biodiversity wealth forging well-being: a case of institutional herbal garden consoli­dating the biodiversity citizen science
p. 1033 | Mehra, Tara Singh; Pandey, D. K.; Dubey, Shantanu Kumar
doi: 10.18520/cs/v124/i9/1033-1038

Review Articles
Vaccine development: perspectives from life-history traits
p. 1039 | Balasubramanian, Deevitha; Mukherjee, Raju
doi: 10.18520/cs/v124/i9/1039-1052

Research Articles
Experimental designs for the selection of integrated farming system components
p. 1053 | Karmakar, Sayantani; Varghese, Cini; Harun, Mohd; Vinaykumar, L. N.; Varghese, Eldho
doi: 10.18520/cs/v124/i9/1053-1057

SSR polymorphism and genetics and inheritance of yield and yield-attributing traits in bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.)
p. 1058 | Panigrahi, Ipsita; Munshi, A. D.; Dey, S. S.; Gaikwad, A. B.; Senapati, Manoranjan; Tomer, Avinash
doi: 10.18520/cs/v124/i9/1058-1064

Deep learning technique for forecasting the price of cauliflower
p. 1065 | Paul, Ranjit Kumar; Yeasin, Md.; Kumar, Pramod; Paul, A. K.; Roy, H. S.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v124/i9/1065-1073

Machine learning algorithms for categorization of agricultural dust emissions using image processing of wheat combine harvester
p. 1074 | Ekka, Utpal; Roy, Himadri Shekhar; Kumar, Adarsh; Singh, S. P.; Pandey, Apratim Kumar; Nath, Kamalika
doi: 10.18520/cs/v124/i9/1074-1081

Multi-sensor data fusion for precise measurement of a tractor implement performance in the field
p. 1082 | Singh, Tarandeep; Verma, Aseem; Singh, Manjeet; Kaur, Prabhnaman
doi: 10.18520/cs/v124/i9/1082-1087

Dynamic response of anchoring layered rock slopes subjected to seismic loads
p. 1088 | Zhou, Wei; Ding, Zhengman; Ma, Tingting
doi: 10.18520/cs/v124/i9/1088-1094

Triangular-shaped Ediacaran fossil Thectardis avalonensis from the Sonia Sandstone, Jodhpur Group, Marwar Supergroup, western India
p. 1095 | Parihar, V. S.; Hukmaram; Kumar, Pawan; Harsh, Anshul
doi: 10.18520/cs/v124/i9/1095-1100

Research Communications
Large-scale evaluation of water traps for their efficiency in collecting male stingless bees (Apidae: Meliponini)
p. 1101 | Viraktamath, Shashidhar; Rojeet, T.; Jha, Ashish Kumar; Roy, Jagruti; Rao, Shubham
doi: 10.18520/cs/v124/i9/1101-1104

Hot springs of Demchok, Ladakh, India
p. 1104 | Mishra, Parashar; Absar, Ahsan; Dutta, Archisman; Sakhare, Vishal V.; Shankar, Uday; Thapliyal, A. P.; Saini, Pankaj; Singh, P. K.; Bagchi, Joyesh
doi: 10.18520/cs/v124/i9/1104-1107

Book Reviews
Cochlear Implants: New and Future Directions. Sandra DeSaSouza (ed.)
p. 1108 | Sheth, Parul R.

Alternative Sweet and Supersweet Principles: Natural Sweeteners and Plants. Ram Snehi Dwivedi
p. 1109 | Sopory, Sudhir K.

Personal News
Prafulla Kumar Jena (1931–2023)
p. 1110 | Natarajan, K. A.

Ph.D. Programme at UM-DAE CEBS for the Academic Year 2023–2024 - University of Mumbai
p. 1111

Openings for Assistant Professor and Post-Doctoral Fellow - National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru
p. 1112

WISE Internship in IPR - Ministry of Science and Technology
p. 1113

IGSTC 2+2 Call 2023 - Indo-German Science and Technology Centre
p. 1114

SERB School in Chemical Ecology - Centre for Ecological Sciences at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru
p. 1115

Executive Director - Translational Health Science and Technology Institute
p. 1115

DST-National Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Nano Science and Technology - Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
p. 1116

Online Workshop on Science Writing
p. 1116

Centre Director - Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Hyderabad
p. 1117

Research Associate - Charotar University of Science and Technology
p. 1117

Project Scientist-level II/III in Earth Surface Studies - Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad
p. 1123

Current Issue
Current Issue
Volume 124
Issue 10, 2023