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Volume 115 - Issue 03: 10 Aug, 2018
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0366

Sediment management of the Himalayan rivers: a challenge for river managers
p. 0367 | Sinha, Rajiv

Late Professor V. Radhakrishnan
p. 0369 | Swarup, Govind

Eighteen National Institutes of Technology in the top 100 NIRF engineering ranking
p. 0369 | Prathap, Gangan

Is quantification of parameters essential for scientific substantiation?
p. 0371 | Bapat, Arun

Science Last Fortnight
p. 0372

Meeting Report
Science, technology and innovation policy research
p. 0376 | Sheth, Bhavisha P.; Basha, B. Chagun; Roy, Ipsita

Connecting researchers for transformation in research culture
p. 0377 | Giri, Lalit; Chandra, P. Hareesh; Sekar, K. Chandra; Tiwari, Ashutosh; Verma, Ravindra Kumar; Kumar, Kireet

Geogenic groundwater pollution
p. 0379 | Kaushik, Aditya; Gangopadhyay, Anusuya; Iqbal, Sarah; Priya, S.

Weakened magnetic field, cosmic rays and Zika virus outbreak
p. 0382 | Qu, Jiangwen; Wickramasinghe, N. Chandra

CRISPR-Cas: the molecular scissors for genetic disease surgeries?
p. 0383 | Selokar, Naresh L.

CO2 emissions – drivers across time and countries
p. 0386 | Desai, B. G.

Nationwide soil erosion assessment in India using radioisotope tracers 137Cs and 210Pb: the need for fallout mapping
p. 0388 | Sankar, M.; Green, S. M.; Mishra, P. K.; Snöälv, J. T. C.; Sharma, N. K.; Karthikeyan, K.; Somasundaram, J.; Kadam, D. M.; Dinesh, D.; Kumar, Suresh; Thilagam, V. Kasthuri; Quine, T. A.

Scientific Correspondence
Do extreme precipitation intensities linked to temperature over India follow the Clausius–Clapeyron relationship?
p. 0391 | Nayak, Sridhara

Inhibition spectrum, purification and kinetic study of alpha-amylase inhibitor from Murraya koenigii endophytic actinobacterium (Streptomyces koyangensis strain B025)
p. 0393 | Saini, P.; Gangwar, M.

Reactivation of minor scars to major landslides – a satellite-based analysis of Kotropi landslide (13 August 2017) in Himachal Pradesh, India
p. 0395 | Roy, Priyom; Martha, Tapas R.; Jain, Nirmala; Kumar, K. Vinod

General Articles
Science and engineering research in India (1985–2016): insights from two scientometric databases
p. 0399 | Kumar, A. Jaya; Pandit, Rahul
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/399-409

Collaborative characteristics and networks of national, institutional and individual contributors using highly cited articles in environmental engineering in Science Citation Index Expanded
p. 0410 | Fu, Hui-Zhen; Ho, Yuh-Shan
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/410-421

Updating India’s National Biodiversity Action Plan: the process and way forward
p. 0422 | Onial, Malvika; Jasmine, Biba; Singh, Yashaswi; Pande, Anant; Ramesh, Chinnasamy; Sivakumar, Kuppusamy; Mathur, Vinod B.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/422-427

Plant diversity in cities: call for assessment and conservation
p. 0428 | Singh, Ashutosh Kumar; Singh, Hema; Singh, J. S.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/428-435

Review Articles
Electrode materials for supercapacitors synthesized by sol–gel process
p. 0436 | Dhere, Sunetra
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/436-449

Comparison of bioinspired computation and optimization techniques
p. 0450 | Hanif, Muhammad Kashif; Talib, Ramzan; Awais, Muhammad; Saeed, Muhammad Yahya; Sarwar, Umer
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/450-453

Research Articles
An optimal algorithm based on kinetic-molecular theory with artificial memory to solving economic dispatch problem
p. 0454 | Fan, Chaodong; Li, Jie; Yi, Lingzhi; Xiao, Leyi; Zhu, Biaoming; Ren, Ke
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/454-464

Experimental study on the hydraulic fracture propagation in shale
p. 0465 | Heng, Shuai; Yang, Chunhe; Wang, Lei; Daemen, J. J. K.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/465-475

Microwave-assisted synthesis and characterization of oxime derivative of substituted chalcone and its nickel(II) complex
p. 0476 | Dangwal, Kusum Lata; Semwal, A. R.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/475-481

Soil quality and fibrous mineral in black soils of Maharashtra
p. 0482 | Bhattacharyya, T.; Ray, S. K.; Chandran, P.; Karthikeyan, K.; Pal, D. K.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/482-492

Portfolio mean-variance approach modifications: modulus function, principles of compromise, and ‘min–max’ approach
p. 0493 | Karpovich, Alexey; Rymanov, Alexander
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/493-498

Research Communications
Molecular interaction studies of phosphatidylcholine as drug delivery substrate for asenapine maleate
p. 0499 | Harani, A.; VijayaRatnam, J.; Dipankar, B.; Kumar, D. Sathis; Lalitha, M. Bhagya; Kumar, S. P. N.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/499-504

Optimization of factors affecting decolourization of sulphonated azo dye Red HE7B in vitro by Bacillus sp. Azo1
p. 0505 | Thakur, Jyoti Kumar; Paul, Sangeeta; Sinha, Nishant K.; Rathi, Maheshwar Singh
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/505-509

Forest cover monitoring and prediction in a Lesser Himalayan elephant landscape
p. 0510 | Kushwaha, S. P. S.; Nandy, S.; Shah, M. A.; Agarwal, R.; Mukhopadhyay, S.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/510-516

Bt-cotton–vegetable-based intercropping systems as influenced by crop establishment method and planting geometry of Bt-cotton in Indo-Gangetic plains region
p. 0516 | Rajpoot, Sudhir K.; Rana, D. S.; Choudhary, Anil K.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/516-522

Changes in water stability of soil aggregates in a solar greenhouse in different planted years and their relationship to iron oxide
p. 0523 | Yan, Yin; Zhong-Jian, Pei; Feng-Ming, Xi; Cheng-Hua, Liang; Jiao-Yue, Wang; Long-Fei, Bing
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/523-528

Toxic aqueous discharge of iron and sulphur from spoiled coal mined lands and its control by phytostabilization process
p. 0529 | Singh, A. K.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/529-534

Diversity and conservation status of mangrove communities in two areas of Mesocaribea biogeographic region
p. 0534 | Ortiz, Ana Cano; Musarella, Carmelo M.; Fuentes, José C. Piñar; Gomes, Carlos J. Pinto; González, Sara Del Río; Cano, Eusebio
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/534-540

Development of a model for detection of saline blanks amongst mangrove species on hyperspectral image data
p. 0541 | Chakravortty, Somdatta; Ghosh, Dipanwita
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/541-548

Contrasting observation in culturable aerobic and micro-aerophilic heterotrophic fish gut-bacteria: intestine-breathing Lepidocephalichthys guntea (Hamilton Buchannan) versus gill-breathing Labeo rohita
p. 0548 | Roy, Rudra Prasad; Saha, Tilak; Chakraborty, Ranadhir
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/548-552

Response of fast ice to ground penetrating radar and backscattering coefficient from scatterometer in Larsemann Hills, East Antarctica
p. 0552 | Bothale, Rajashree Vinod; Anoop, S.; Gopaiah, Manne; Sherief, Mehanaz
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/552-559

A damage constitutive model for the intermittent cracked rock mass under the planar complicated stress condition
p. 0559 | Liu, Hongyan; Zhu, Fengjin
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i3/559-565

Book Reviews
Leading Science and Technology: India Next? by Varun Aggarwal
p. 0566 | Ghosh, Amitabha

The African and Arabian Moringa Species: Chemistry, Bioactivity and Thera¬peutic Applications by Solomon Habtemariam
p. 0567 | Sanjappa, M.; Venu, P.

Personal News
Lalji Singh (1947–2017)
p. 0568 | Panda, Amrita Kumari; Kumar, Ashish; Kerketta, Aseem; Bisht, Satpal Singh

Historical Notes
Observational records of stars in Indian astronomical texts
p. 0570 | Shylaja, B. S.; Pai, R. Venketeswara

Indo US Genome Engineering/Editing Technology Initiative (GETin) Programme
p. 0574

Bhaskara Advanced Solar Energy Fellowship Program
p. 0575

Nano for a Better World - Department of Science and Technology
p. 0576

Project Staff (Post-Doctoral Fellows, Research Fellows and Project Assistants) - National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru
p. 0577

Science Academies’ Refresher Course in Statistical Physics
p. 0578

Science Academies’ Refresher Course in ‘Experimental Physics’
p. 0579

Junior Research Fellow - National Research Centre for Banana
p. 0580

Admission to Ph.D. Program - Indrashil University
p. 0581

1st Call for Poster Presentation - S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
p. 0581

Assistant Professor - Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bengaluru
p. 0582

Senior Research Fellow - Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
p. 0582

Junior Research Fellow - SRM Institute of Science and Technology
p. 0582

Junior Research Fellow - Karpagam Academy of Higher Education
p. 0583

Junior Research Fellow - GLA University
p. 0583

Junior Research Fellow - Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
p. 0583

B.V. Patel Pharmaceutical Education and Research Development (PERD) Centre, Thaltej, Ahmedabad
p. 0584

Inter University Accelerator Centre, Delhi
p. 0584

Prior Approval of NBA
p. 0588

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