Current Science
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Volume 108 - Issue 11: 10 Jun, 2015
Cognitive Science Research Initiative - Department of Science and Technology
p. 1962

In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1966

Guest Editorial
Some reflections on science and discovery
p. 1967 | Herndon, J. Marvin

A nodal centre to screen microbial extracts for various properties
p. 1969 | Sarma, V. V.

Bamboo invasion: threat to primate conservation in North East India
p. 1969 | Majumdar, Koushik; Nath, Arun Jyoti; Gupta, A. K.; Datta, B. K.

Coverage of climate change issues in Indian newspapers and policy implications
p. 1972 | Nagarathinam, S.; Bhatta, Archita

Does Prosopis juliflora negatively impact upon the nesting success of heronry birds? A critique of a report in Current Science
p. 1973 | Urfi, A. J.; Tiwary, N. K.

p. 1974 | Chandrasekaran, S.

India to host the 46th International Physics Olympiad this year
p. 1975 | Chakrabarti, Bhupati

Meeting Report
Cell death and disease
p. 1976 | Sudhandiran, G.; Devaraj, Niranjali; Balasubramanyam, M.

New feathers in the cap
p. 1976 | Herlekar, Ipsita

Meeting Report
Basic research to herald a new era in pest management science
p. 1978 | Chakravarthy, A. K.; Lokeshwari, D.; Sridhar, V.; Latha, K. R.

Empowering undergraduate biological science degree courses towards job and food security in India
p. 1981 | Muthunayagam, R. K.

Tropical birds and climate change: lessons from the southern Eastern Ghats
p. 1982 | Daniels, R. J. Ranjit

Scientific Correspondence
Seed coat architecture of four Indian species of Ephedra and its taxonomic significance
p. 1984 | Majumder, Soma; D’rozario, Ashalata; Bera, Subir

Khejri, the king of Indian Thar desert is under phenophase change
p. 1987 | Krishnan, P. Ratha; Jindal, S. K.

Acrobotrys disolenia Haeckel from the late Miocene of Andaman and Nicobar Islands
p. 1990 | Chakraborty, Arindam; Ghosh, Amit K.

Recognition of a new albitite zone in northern Rajasthan: its implications on uranium mineralization
p. 1994 | Yadav, G. S.; Muthamilselvan, A.; Shaji, T. S.; Nanda, L. K.; Rai, A. K.

National Labs: Research Highlights 2014
Green synthesis of nanomaterials with special reference to environmental and biomedical applications
p. 1999 | Das, Sujoy K.; Mandal, Asit Baran

CSIR–Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow
p. 2003 | Bhattacharji, B. D.; Das, Mukul

Agharkar Research Institute, Pune
p. 2007 | Paknikar, K. M.

CSIR–National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad
p. 2010 | Rao, Y. J. Bhaskar; Ahmed, Shakeel; Gahalaut, Vineet; Kumar, Anil; Kumar, M. Ravi

Some recent technological achievements of CSIR–National Metallurgical Laboratory
p. 2014 | Srikanth, S.

General Articles
Adoption of Chinese ink painting elements in modern poster design inspired by innovation research on physical and chemical reactions
p. 2017 | Liu, Yifeng; Zhang, Chengzi; Zhou, Liqun

Review Articles
Understanding poor storage potential of recalcitrant seeds
p. 2023 | Umarani, R.; Aadhavan, E. Kanthaiya; Faisal, M. Mohamed

Research Articles
Effect of nano-SiO2 particles on fracture properties of concrete composite containing fly ash
p. 2035 | Zhang, Peng; Dai, Xiao-Bing; Gao, Ji-Xiang; Wang, Peng

Flubendiamide-induced HSP70 expression in transgenic Drosophila melanogaster (hsp70-lacZ)
p. 2044 | Sarkar, Saurabh; Podder, Sayanti; Roy, Sumedha

Characterization and crop planning of rabi fallows using remote sensing and GIS
p. 2051 | Bandyopadhyay, K. K.; Sahoo, R. N.; Singh, Ravender; Pradhan, S.; Singh, S.; Krishna, Gopal; Pargal, S.; Mahapatra, S. K.

Dynamics of well irrigation systems and CO2 emissions in different agroecosystems of South Central India
p. 2063 | Reddy, K. S.; Kumar, M.; Maruthi, V.; Umesha, B.; Rao, C. V. K. Nageswar

Thermal anomalies in relation to earthquakes in India and its neighbourhood
p. 2071 | Prakash, Rajesh; Srivastava, H. N.

Research Communications
Ignition delay of 3-carene: single pulse shock tube study
p. 2083 | Sharath, N.; Reddy, K. P. J.; Barhai, P. K.; Arunan, E.

Comparison of performance of solar photovoltaics on dual axis tracker with fixed axis at 13°N latitude
p. 2087 | Rao, Roshan R.; Swetha, H. R.; Srinivasan, J.; Ramasesha, Sheela K.

Amelioration of fluoride toxicity using amla (Emblica officinalis)
p. 2094 | Ranjan, Sumeet; Yasmin, Shahla

Effects of grassland degradation on air and soil temperature in Songnen plain of northeast China
p. 2098 | Shen, Xiangjin; Liu, Binhui; Zhou, Daowei

Monogenoidea on exotic Indian freshwater fish. 3. Are Indian guidelines for importation of exotic aquarium fish useful and can they be implemented; The case of Neotropical Gussevia spiralocirra Kohn and Paperna, 1964
p. 2101 | Tripathi, Amit

Book Reviews
Photobiology: The Science of Light and Life. Lars Olof Björn
p. 2106 | Tiwari, Swati

Essential Maths for Geoscientists: An Introduction, Paul I. Palmer
p. 2107 | Pradeepkumar, A. P.

Personal News
John Forbes Nash Jr (1928–2015)
p. 2108 | Borkar, Vivek S.

Historical Notes
S. R. Ranganathan: library and documentation scientist
p. 2110 | Islam, Md. Nurul

5th International Aquaculture in Asia
p. 2112

DST Postdoctoral Fellowships in Nano Science and Technology - Department of Science and Technology
p. 2113

Regional Nuclear Agricultural Research Centre (RNARC) Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Mohanpur, Nadia
p. 2114

p. 2115

3rd SERB School in Avian Biology - North-Eastern Hill University
p. 2116

Research Positions Available - L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad
p. 2117

1st Himalayan Conclave
p. 2118

Research Associates – 3/Research Associates – 1 (One post only) and Junior Research Fellow (Two posts) - Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
p. 2119

Field Training Programme ‘Sedimentation, Tectonic and Quaternary Landforms of Zanskar Valley’ - Department of Earth and Environmental Science
p. 2120

Call for Papers/Panel Proposals - Indian Society for Ecological Economics
p. 2120

Doctoral and Post Doctoral Fellowships - Kerala State Biodiversity Board
p. 2121

Junior Research Fellowship - Sri Venkateswara University
p. 2121

Project Fellow - BITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus
p. 2122

Research Associate Position - National Institute of Advanced Studies
p. 2122

Awards for University and College Teachers for Quality Research
p. 2122

Project Fellows - National Institute of Animal Biotechnology
p. 2123

Junior Research Fellow - Anand Niketan College, Anandwan, Warora, Chandrapur
p. 2123

S. Ramaseshan Science Writing Fellowships/Internships at Current Science
p. 2127

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Current Issue
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