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Volume 108 - Issue 02: 25 Jan, 2015
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0146

Guest Editorial
Bibliometrics – problems and promises
p. 0147 | Prathap, Gangan

The nature of scientific collaboration
p. 0149 | Prathap, Gangan

Global biodiversity hotspots in India: significant yet under studied
p. 0149 | Chitale, V. S.; Behera, M. D.; Roy, P. S.

Forbidding invasive species – a way to attain sustainability of the coastal ecosystem
p. 0151 | Joshi, Himala; Marimuthu, N.

Dual burden of malnutrition and hidden hunger among tribal children of North East India
p. 0152 | Sikdar, Mithun

Meeting Report
Ecology of plant–animal interactions: pollination, seed dispersal and tritrophic interactions
p. 0154 | Sinu, Palatty Allesh

Reconstruction and rehabilitation of disaster-affected landscape of Kedar valley, Uttarakhand
p. 0155 | Maikhuri, R. K.; Dhyani, P. P.; Nautiyal, Annpurna

Research News
Fear finds its niche
p. 0158 | Rani, Sandhya

In Conversation
Srivari Chandrasekhar
p. 0160 | Rani, Sandhya

tSermang – a priceless gift to lackadaisical Ladakhis
p. 0163 | Abassi, Amjad Ali; Kaul, Veenu

What is scientific thinking? Two cases of problem-solving by some newcomers in science
p. 0165 | Dasgupta, Deepanwita; Levine, Alexander

Scientific Correspondence
Hypothesis of mechanism of thrombocytopenia in severe dengue, providing clues to better therapy to save lives
p. 0168 | Eapen, C. E.; Elias, Elwyn; Goel, Ashish; John, T. Jacob

General Articles
Innovations in attracting the young to the pursuit of science
p. 0170 | Madhu, K. P.; Madhu, Gita; Jha, Vagish

Publications in organic chemistry from Indian universities and laboratories in 2011–2013: analysis and some suggestions
p. 0176 | Nagaiah, K.; Srimannarayana, G.

Special Section: Geochemistry (Guest Editor: V. Rajamani)
Proterozoic subduction-related and continental rift-zone mafic magmas from the Eastern Ghats Belt, SE India: geochemical characteristics and mantle sources
p. 0184 | Kumar, K. Vijaya; Rathna, K.; Leelanandam, C.

Felsic granites vis-à-vis leucosomes from the Shyok–Darbuk section of the Shyok Suture Zone, eastern Ladakh, India: a geochemical study
p. 0198 | Rao, D. Rameshwar; Daga, Megha M.

Origin of the Mile Tilek Tuff, South Andaman: evidence from 40 Ar–39 Ar chronology and geochemistry
p. 0205 | Awasthi, Neeraj; Ray, Jyotiranjan S.; Pande, Kanchan

Biomarker signatures of Early Cretaceous coals of Kutch Basin, western India
p. 0211 | Paul, Swagata; Dutta, Suryendu

Fertile farmlands in Cauvery delta: evolution through LGM
p. 0218 | Singh, Pramod; Yadava, M. G.; Ahmad, Malik Z.; Mohapatra, P. P.; Laskar, A. H.; Doradla, S.; Saravanavel, J.; Kumanan, C. J.

Sources and fate of organic matter in suspended and bottom sediments of the Mandovi and Zuari estuaries, western India
p. 0226 | Shynu, R.; Rao, V. Purnachandra; Sarma, V. V. S. S.; Kessarkar, Pratima M.; Murali, R. Mani

Nitrogen uptake rates and f-ratios in the Equatorial and Southern Indian Ocean
p. 0239 | Prakash, Satya; Ramesh, R.; Sheshshayee, M. S.; Mohan, Rahul; Sudhakar, M.

Review Articles
Silicon isotopes: from cosmos to benthos
p. 0246 | Chakrabarti, Ramananda

Research Communications
Experimental investigations of supersonic turbulent flow over a compression ramp
p. 0255 | Yu, Wu; Shihe, Yi; Lin, He; Zhi, Chen; Yangzhu, Zhu

Prevalence of Wheat dwarf India virus in wheat in India
p. 0260 | Kumar, Jitendra; Kumar, Jitesh; Singh, Shashank; Shukla, Vishnu; Singh, Sudhir P.; Tuli, Rakesh

Magnetic fabric studies of sandstone from Jhuran Formation (Kimmeridgian–Tithonian) of Jara dome, Kachchh Basin, northwest India
p. 0265 | Periasamy, V.; Venkateshwarlu, M.

Probable source of rocks for millstones and cannon balls of Goa, India
p. 0273 | Ambekar, Abhijit S.; Sridhar, D. N.; Ray, S. K.; Bhattacharyya, T.; Anantwar, S. G.; Sahu, V. T.; Gaikwad, M. S.

Book Reviews
Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 2014. Raymond Jeanloz and Katherine H. Freeman (eds)
p. 0283 | Rajendran, C. P.

Physical Climatology. William D. Sellers
p. 0285 | Vellore, Ramesh; Mujumdar, Milind; Krishnan, R.

Personal News
Hiralal Chaudhuri (1921–2014)
p. 0286 | Sharma, A. P.; Mohanty, B. P.

Brian F. C. Clark (1936–2014)
p. 0287 | Suravajhala, Prashanth; Suravajhala, Renuka

Call for Participation in SERB School on ‘Fundamentals of Oceanic Processes and Modelling’- Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, IIT Delhi
p. 0288

Applications Invited for Ph.D. in Conservation Science and Sustainability Studies - Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment
p. 0289

Science Academies’ Refresher Course in Thin Films and Nanoscience
p. 0290

Science Academies’ Seventieth Refresher Course in Experimental Physics
p. 0291

Development of Indian Specific Cloud-resolving Scale Model for Severe Weather Forecasting - India Meteorological Department, Government of India
p. 0292

Senior Research Fellow - School of Engineering Sciences and Technology
p. 0293

Nominations for the following Awards/Scheme - Indian National Academy of Engineering
p. 0293

Junior Research Fellowship - Centre for Biological Sciences (Biotechnology)
p. 0294

Online Application only - Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology
p. 0294

Senior Research Fellow - Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute
p. 0295

National Workshop on Isolation, Characterization and Conservation of Endophytes and their Potential Applications in Agriculture and Allied Disciplines
p. 0295

Junior Research Fellowship - Department of Chemical Engineering
p. 0296

Requires - Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Delhi
p. 0296

Junior Research Fellowship - Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics
p. 0297

National Level Conference on ‘NanoSciences, NanoToxicology, and NanoInformatics’ - Present and Future Prospective - Life Science Foundation India
p. 0297

Project Fellow - Charotar University of Science and Technology
p. 0298

Junior Research Fellowship - M.K. Bhavnagar University
p. 0298

Junior Research Fellowship - Yenepoya University
p. 0299

Junior Research Fellowship - Annamalai University
p. 0299

Junior Research Fellowship - Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani
p. 0299

Junior Research Fellowship - National Institute of Technology
p. 0299

Research Fellow - Gandhigram Rural Institute Deemed Univeristy
p. 0300

Research Associate and Junior Research Fellow - Department of Botany
p. 0300

Junior Research Fellowship - Annamalai University
p. 0300

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