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Volume 107 - Issue 6: 25 Sep, 2014
In this Issue
In this Issue
p. 0934

Guest Editorial
Need for developing effective early warning systems for natural disasters using space technology
p. 0935 | Navalgund, Ranganath

Possible risk of Ebola outbreak in India: how well are we prepared?
p. 0937 | Kumar, C. V. M. Naresh; Gopal, D. V. R. Sai

Perils of faculty applicants
p. 0937 | Poduri, Chetan Datta

Impact of M Sc Biotechnology programme supported by DBT on research and teaching of modern biology in India
p. 0938 | Ray, Suvendra Kumar; Kalita, Eeshan

Oil pollution in Chilika lagoon
p. 0939 | Mishra, Pravakar

Response by
p. 0939 | Baliarsingh, S. K.

Plagiarism – a menace in science
p. 0940 | Abrol, D. P.

NASA honours Udhab Bharali – an Indian village entrepreneur and inventor with 98 innovations
p. 0941 | Brah, Debajit; Gogoi, Barbi; Gogoi, Dhrubajyoti

Scientists launch Right to Research Foundation
p. 0941 | Patil, Ganesh

Meeting Report
SCB-Oceania 2014
p. 0942 | Mane, Akshaya M.

Climate change vulnerability and hazards in mountainous regions
p. 0943 | Joshi, Ranjan; Sharma, Subrat; Sundriyal, R. C.; Dhyani, P. P.; Kuniyal, Jagdish Chandra

Research News
Brazil nuts help unlock the asteroid’s boulder mystery
p. 0945 | Punyakoti, G. V.

Greening’ undergraduate chemistry laboratories in Mumbai
p. 0947 | Carneiro, Gail; Ravishankar, Lakshmy

Freshwater fish safe zones: a prospective conservation strategy for river ecosystems in India
p. 0949 | Raghavan, Rajeev; Sivakumar, K.; Mathur, Vinod B.; Gupta, Nishikant

India’s river linking project: will it benefit or backfire?
p. 0951 | Agoramoorthy, Govindasamy

Scientific Correspondence
Improved prediction of cyclone Phailin (9–12 October 2013) with 4DVAR assimilation
p. 0952 | Iyengar, Gopal; Ashrit, Raghavendra; Ashish, Amit; Sharma, Kuldeep; Gupta, Munmun Das; Rajagopal, E. N.; Basu, Swati

* Elucidation of drug–DNA intercalation binding mode
* This paper has been withdrawn from Current Science because of voluantry withdrawl by the authors
p. 0954 | Kumar, Mohan; Chaurasia,, Madhur; Mahendru, Swati; Maurya, Jitendra Kumar

The skewed N : P stoichiometry resulting from changing atmospheric deposition chemistry drives the pattern of ecological nutrient limitation in the Ganges
p. 0956 | Pandey, Jitendra; Pandey, Usha; Singh, Anand V.

General Articles
Operationalizing the concept of farming system for nutrition through the promotion of nutrition-sensitive agriculture
p. 0959 | Bhavani, R. V.; Swaminathan, M. S.; Nagarajan, S.

Uncitedness of Indian scientific output
p. 0965 | Garg, K. C.; Kumar, S.

Research Articles
Estimation of past atmospheric carbon dioxide levels using tree-ring cellulose δ13C
p. 0971 | Bose, Trina; Chakraborty, Supriyo; Borgaonkar, H. P.; Sengupta, Saikat; Ramesh, R.

Role of gas bubbles in the attenuation of acoustic waves at the air–sea interface
p. 0983 | Bhaskaran, Prasad K.

Inhibition of fungal endophytes by camptothecine produced by their host plant, Nothapodytes nimmoniana (Grahm) Mabb. (Icacinaceae)
p. 0994 | Shweta, Singh; Shivanna, M. B.; Gurumurthy, B. R.; Shaanker, R. Uma; Kumar, T. R. Santhosh; Ravikanth, G.

Research Communications
The interfacial layer effect on thermal conductivity of CNT nanofluids
p. 1001 | Pasrija, Ritu; Srivastava, Sunita

Impact of cross-equatorial meridional transport on the performance of the southwest monsoon over India
p. 1006 | Puranik,, Sushant S.; Ray, K. C. Sinha; Sen, P. N.; Kumar, P. Pradeep

A weather-based forecast model for capsule rot of small cardamom
p. 1013 | Goswami, Prashant; Goyal, Renu; Rao, E. V. S. Prakasa; Ramesh, K. V.; Sudarshan, M. R.; Ajay, D.

Is primary productivity in the Indian Ocean sector of Southern Ocean affected by pigment packaging effect?
p. 1019 | Tripathy, S. C.; Pavithran, S.; Sabu, P.; Naik, R. K.; Noronha, Sharon B.; Bhaskar, P. V.; Anilkumar, N.

New 39Ar– 40Ar ages of dykes from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh: evidence for polyphase dyke intrusion in eastern Deccan Volcanic Province
p. 1027 | Lala, T.; Mombasawala, L. S.; Pande, K.; Paul, D. K.

Late Cretaceous diurnal tidal system: a study from Nimar Sandstone, Bagh Group, Narmada Valley, Central India
p. 1032 | Bhattacharya, Biplab; Jha, Suparna

Natural base isolation system for earthquake protection
p. 1037 | Bandyopadhyay, Srijit; Sengupta, Aniruddha; Reddy, G. R.

Use of sugarcane bagasse ash as brick material
p. 1044 | Madurwar, Mangesh V.; Mandavgane, Sachin A.; Ralegaonkar, Rahul V.

Living Legends in Indian Science
Animesh Chakravorty – an era of inorganic chemistry research in India
p. 1052 | Mukherjee, R. N.

Book Reviews
The Golden Ticket: P, NP, and the Search for the Impossible. Lance Fortnow
p. 1060 | Saha, Chandan

Methods in Forest Canopy Research. Margaret D. Lowman, Timothy D. Schowalter and Jerry F
p. 1061 | Ramachandran, Vivek

Annual Review of Physiology, 2014. David Julius and David E. Clapham (eds)
p. 1062 | Vaz, Mario

Bhaskara ADvanced Solar Energy Fellowship Program
p. 1064

Cognitive Science Research Initiative (CSRI) - Ministry of Science and Technology
p. 1065

Indo-German Bilateral Workshops/Conferences/SymposiaIGSTC Workshop Call 2014
p. 1066

Small Business Innovation Research Initiative - Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council
p. 1067

Principal Scientist at Chennai - Shri AMM Murugappa Chettiar Research Centre
p. 1068

Senior Research Fellow and Technical Assistant - Central Agricultural University
p. 1069

Junior Research Fellow - Department of Floriculture and Landscaping
p. 1070

Junior Research Fellow - School of Energy Studies for Agriculture
p. 1070

International Conference on Education in Chemistry (ICEC 2014)
p. 1071

Junior Research Fellow - Manipal University
p. 1071

Junior Research Fellowship - Gauhati University
p. 1072

International Satellite Workshop on Biotechnological Approaches for Environmental Sustenance
p. 1072

Indo-Italian Workshop on Food Technology and Cold Chain Management
p. 1073

Senior Research Fellow - Indian Institute of Technology Mandi
p. 1073

Junior Research Fellow - Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics
p. 1074

Seventh International Workshop on Management of the Diamondback Moth and Other Crucifer Insect Pests
p. 1074

Want to contribute to cutting edge research? - Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
p. 1075

Senior Research Fellow - Department of Physics
p. 1075

Research Fellows - Birla Institute of Technology and Science
p. 1075

Call for Applications - National Biodiversity Authority
p. 1075

Junior Research Fellow - Mumbai University
p. 1076

Junior Research Fellow - Shivaji University
p. 1076

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