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Volume 107 - Issue 4: 25 Aug, 2014
In this Issue
In this Issue
p. 0554

Guest Editorial
The myth of falling standards: a lifelong counter-experience
p. 0555 | Arunan, E.

The Kedarnath disaster: in search of scientific reasoning
p. 0557 | Bandyopadhyay, Sunando; Kar, Nabendu Sekhar

Women and depeasantization
p. 0558 | Sangar, Sunita

Better approaches for ailing Indian healthcare system
p. 0558 | Miraj, Shaima Ali

The dilemma of quality publication and its benefits in India
p. 0559 | Ali, Sharique A.

The Malin mud avalanche tragedy of 30 July 2014 – time to ask the right questions
p. 0560 | Bhandari, R. K.

Discovery of the most distant lensing galaxy
p. 0561 | Punyakoti, G. V.

Meeting Report
Taking science to the public
p. 0562 | Malhotra, Richa; Herlekar, Ipsita

The diclofenac ban is helping vulture conservation; what further pharmaceutical threats loom ahead?
p. 0564 | Dama, Madhukar

Several major chemical literature information resources and their retrieval methods
p. 0566 | Mei, Xin-Ya

Scientific Correspondence
Inflorescence architecture and staminal movement as contrivance measures in reproductive assurance and survival of Valeriana jatamansi Jones (=Valeriana wallichii DC)
p. 0568 | Rather, Aabid M.; Nawchoo, Irshad A.; Ganie, Aijaz H.; Wani, Aijaz A.

Recurrent outbreaks of hypoglycaemic encephalopathy in Muzaffarpur, Bihar
p. 0570 | Shah, Arun; John, T. Jacob

General Articles
The social–ecological web: a bridging concept for transdisciplinary research
p. 0572 | Betz, Lydia; Kunze, Isabelle; Prajeesh, Parameswaran; Suma, T. R.; Padmanabhan, Martina

Second urbanization in Gujarat
p. 0580 | Kumaran, R. N.

Signatures of very severe cyclonic storm Phailin in met–ocean parameters observed by moored buoy network in the Bay of Bengal
p. 0589 | Venkatesan, R.; Mathew, Simi; Vimala, J.; Latha, G.; Muthiah, M. Arul; Ramasundaram,, S.; Sundar, R.; Lavanya, R.; Atmanand, M. A.

Review Articles
Are pre-seismic ULF electromagnetic emissions considered as a reliable diagnostics for earthquake prediction?
p. 0596 | Shrivastava, Abhishek

Adsorption–desorption of heavy metal ions
p. 0601 | Mishra, S. P.

Research Articles
Characterization of subglacial pathways draining two tributary meltwater streams through the lower ablation zone of Gangotri glacier system, Garhwal Himalaya, India
p. 0613 | Pottakkal, Jose George; Ramanathan, Alagappan; Singh, Virendra Bahadur; Sharma, Parmanand; Azam, Mohd. Farooq; Linda, Anurag

Reassessment of the distribution and threat status of the Western Ghats endemic bird, Nilgiri Pipit Anthus nilghiriensis
p. 0622 | Robin, V. V.; Vishnudas, C. K.; Ramakrishnan, Uma

Species and acoustic diversity of bats in a palaeotropical wet evergreen forest in southern India
p. 0631 | Raghuram, H.; Jain, M.; Balakrishnan, R.

Research Communications
Effect of 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D3 on toll-like receptor gene expression in neutrophils of pulmonary tuberculosis
p. 0642 | Harishankar, M.; Afsal, K.; Meenakshi, N.; Selvaraj, P.

The essential oil of ‘bhang’ (Cannabis sativa L.) for non-narcotic applications
p. 0645 | Verma, Ram S.; Padalia, Rajendra C.; Verma, Sajendra K.; Chauhan, Amit; Darokar, Mahendra P.

Isolation and characterization of salt-induced genes from Rhizophora apiculata Blume, a true mangrove by suppression subtractive hybridization
p. 0650 | Menon, Tara G.; Soniya, E. V.

Energy, economics, and water use efficiency of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) cultivars in Vertisols of semi-arid tropics, India
p. 0656 | Patil, S. L.; Mishra, P. K.; Loganandhan, N.; Ramesha, M. N.; Math, S. K. N.

Permissible soil loss limits for different physiographic regions of West Bengal
p. 0665 | Lenka, Narendra Kumar; Mandal, D.; Sudhishri, S.

Cost estimation of soil erosion and nutrient loss from a watershed of the Chotanagpur Plateau, India
p. 0670 | Gulati, Aastha; Rai, S. C.

Palaeoflood record of high-magnitude events during historical time in the Sabarmati River, Gujarat
p. 0675 | Sridhar, Alpa; Chamyal, L. S.; Patel, Mansi

Recent changes in coastal configuration of Henry’s Island
p. 0679 | Saha, Paramita; Saha, Bijan Kumar; Hazra, Sugata

Kachchh Mesozoic domes, western India: study of morphotectono character and evolution
p. 0688 | Roy, A. B.; Chauhan, N. K.; Chatterjee, Alokesh

Living Legends in Indian Science
M. S. Narasimhan
p. 0694 | Ramadas, T. R.

Book Reviews
Food Science. A. S. Bawa, P. S. Raju and O. P. Chauhan (eds)
p. 0702 | Prasad, Manoj

Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology, 2013. Randy Schekman, Larry Goldstein and Ruth Lehmann (eds).
p. 0703 | Nagaraj, R.

Textbook of Basic and Clinical Immunology. Sudha Gangal and Subhangi Sontakke
p. 0705 | Nayak, R.

Personal News
Fred Sherman (1932–2013)
p. 0706 | Kabir, M. Anaul; Das, Biswadip

Historical Notes
Discovering life on omics plane: the genius of Frederick Sanger
p. 0707 | Keswani, Chetan; Ram, Ratul Moni; Singh, H. B.

Call for Proposals under Big Data Initiatives (BDI) Programme - Ministry of Science and Technology
p. 0709

Call for proposals under Contract Research and Services Scheme to facilitate Academia-Industry Collaboration - Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council
p. 0710

Fifteenth Workshop on ‘Mars and Moon: Remote Sensing and Analogue Studies’ - Physical Research Laboratory
p. 0711

Forthcoming Refresher Courses
p. 0712

Second call under Sparsh - Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council
p. 0713

SERB School in Neuroscience, 8th Edition: Brain Circuits
p. 0714

Research Associate - Indian Institute of Science
p. 0714

Scientists/Researchers - National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research
p. 0715

JRF - Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology
p. 0715

Admission to Ph.D. Programme for Academic Year 2014–2015 - Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology
p. 0716

School of LIfe Sciences, Manipal University
p. 0716

AFRO-ASIAN Congress on Microbes for Human and Environmental Health (MicrobioTech – 2014) - Amity University Uttar Pradesh
p. 0717

Junior Research Fellowship - University of Mysore
p. 0717

Junior Research Fellow - Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
p. 0718

Junior Research Fellow - Indian School of Mines
p. 0718

Research Professorship - Ministry of Science and Technology
p. 0719

Training programme on ‘Evaluation of transgenic crops plants for drought tolerance’- University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK Campus, Bangalore
p. 0719

SERB School on ‘Density Functional Theory and Beyond: Computational Material Science and Material Design’
p. 0720

Junior Research Fellow - SRM Research Institute
p. 0720

Call for Papers - National Conference on Himalayan Glaciology
p. 0721

DBT-sponsored short term training course on ‘Plant Transgenic Technologies from 1 to 16 October 2014’ - Centre for Biotechnology
p. 0721

Want to contribute to cutting edge research? - Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
p. 0721

Research Associate/Research Fellow - Junnar Taluka Shivner Shikshan Prasarak Mandals
p. 0721

JRF Position in DAE-BRNS Project - Jawaharlal Nehru University
p. 0722

Junior Research Fellowship - Department of Zoology
p. 0722

Junior Research Fellowship - Mangalore University
p. 0722

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