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Volume 107 - Issue 3: 10 Aug, 2014
In this Issue
In this Issue
p. 0334

Guest Editorial
Modern drug discovery and the Indian opportunity
p. 0335 | Vishwakarma, Ram

Collaborative research can be a viable alternative to outsourcing
p. 0337 | Mahanty, Arabinda

Tanjore pills
p. 0337 | Sashidhar

Researchers in India deserve better
p. 0337 | Dhar, Uppeandra

Indian American whiz kids
p. 0338 | Subbarao, E. C.

Biography of Vainu Bappu
p. 0340 | Murthy, M.S.S

Science in the doghouse
p. 0341 | Vanak, Abi Tamim; Belsare, Aniruddha; Uniyal, Meghna; Ali, Rauf

Response: Science threatened by subjectivity
p. 0343 | Bhadra, Anindita

Meeting Report
Human–wildlife conflicts
p. 0346 | Sundriyal, R. C.; Dhyani, P. P.

Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Water Resource Management
p. 0347 | Sundriyal, Manju; Bhardwaj, Kailash N.; Singh, Prashant; Dhaundiyal, Vijay K.

Research publications and India
p. 0349 | Ghosh, Debosree; Parida, Pratap; Ghosh, Debjani

Technical Note
Experimental and economic analysis of a solar matrix collector for drying application
p. 0350 | Aravindh, M.A; Sreekumar, A.

Scientific Correspondence
Global temperatures may not increase by 4oC by the end of this century
p. 0356 | Parker, A.

Camelina sativa: success of a temperate biofuel crop as intercrop in tropical conditions of Mhow, Madhya Pradesh, India
p. 0359 | Singh, Ranjit; Nasim, Mohd; Tiwari, S

Degree of polyembryony among the accessions of Commiphora wightii collected from different natural habitats of India
p. 0361 | Kawane, Aarti; Geetha, K.A; Reddy, M.N; Maiti, Satyabrata

Uranium occurrence in Proterozoic Chilpi Group, near Kanhari, Kawardha district, Chhattisgarh
p. 0364 | Sharma, U.P; Shukla, S; Sinha, P. K.; Purohit, R. K.; Majumdar, A.; Rai, A. K.

Occurrence of Asian small-clawed otter Aonyx cinereus (Illiger, 1815) in Eastern India
p. 0367 | Mohapatra, Pratyush P.; Palei, Himanshu S.; Hussain, Syed Ainul

General Articles
Technology management through intellectual property rights†
p. 0371 | Kashyap, A. K.

The impact factors of open access and subscription journals across fields
p. 0380 | Gunasekaran, Subbiah; Arunachalam, Subbiah

The performance of research-intensive higher educational institutions in India
p. 0389 | Prathap, Gangan

Special Section: Carbon Technology
Graphene-based hybrid materials: synthetic approaches and properties
p. 0397 | Ojha, Kasinath; Anjaneyulu, Oruganti; Ganguli, Ashok K.

Carbon nanotubes and graphene-based chemical sensors
p. 0419 | Misra, Abha

Graphene as a sensor
p. 0430 | Amin, Kazi Rafsanjani; Bid, Aveek

Nanoelectromechanics using graphene
p. 0437 | Singh, Vibhor; Deshmukh, Mandar M.

Research Account
Species abundance distributions of selected communities in the Myristica swamp forests of southern Kerala
p. 0447 | Jose, Joyce; Roby, T. J; Ramachandran, K. K.; Nair, P. Vijayakumaran

Research Articles
Evidences of relatively new volcanic flows on the Moon
p. 0454 | Gupta, R. P.; Srivastava, N; Tiwari, R.K

Indian Brahmaputra valley offers significant potential for cultivation of rubber trees under changed climate
p. 0461 | Ray, Debabrata; Behera, M. D.; Jacob, James

Classification of aqueous-based ayurvedic preparations using synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy and chemometric techniques
p. 0470 | Kumar, Keshav; Ghosh, Krishnakanta; Mishra, Kishor Kumar; Mishra, Ashok Kumar; Bairi, Partha

Environmental flow requirements of river Sone: impacts of low discharge on fisheries
p. 0478 | Joshi, K.D; Jha, D. N.; Alam, A.; Srivastava, S. K.; Kumar, Vijay; Sharma, A. P.

Research Communications
An effective binarization method for readability improvement of stain-affected (degraded) palm leaf and other types of manuscripts
p. 0489 | Saxena, Lalit Prakash

Expression analysis of droughtinduced genes in wild tomato line (Solanum habrochaites)
p. 0496 | Gujjar, Ranjit Singh; Akhtar, Moin; Rai, Ashutosh; Singh, Major

Increase in agricultural patch contiguity over the past three decades in Ganga River Basin, India
p. 0502 | Behera, M. D.; Patidar, N.; Chitale, V. S.; Behera, N.; Gupta, D.; Matin, S.; Tare, V.; Panda, S. N.; Sen, D.J

Studies on remating behaviour in the Drosophila bipectinata species complex: evidence for sperm displacement
p. 0511 | Singh, Akanksha; Singh, Bashisth N.

Carbon footprint of marine fisheries: life cycle analysis from Visakhapatnam
p. 0515 | Ghosh, Shubhadeep; Rao, M. V. Hanumantha; Kumar, M. Satish; Mahesh, V. Uma; Muktha, M.; Zacharia, P. U.

Living Legends in Indian Science
Arun Kumar Sharma
p. 0522 | Lavania, Umesh C.

Book Reviews
Oxygen: A Four Billion Year History. Donald E. Canfield
p. 0529 | Sreenivas, Bulusu

Einstein and the Quantum: The Quest of the Valiant Swabian. A. Douglas Stone.
p. 0530 | Kumar, M. Siva

Sri Rajaditya’s Vyavaharaganita and Lilavati. Padmavathamma, Krishnaveni and K. G. Prakash (eds and translations to English and modern Kannada)
p. 0531 | Rao, S. Balachandra

Personal News
T. M. Jacob (1927–2014)
p. 0533 | Ajitkumar, P.; Jayabaskaran, C.

Senior Research Fellows - Institute of Chemical Technology
p. 0535

Prof. T M Harris Medal – 2014 - Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany
p. 0536

Project Fellow - Centre for Green Energy Technology
p. 0537

Science Academies’ Refresher Course on Foundation of Physics
p. 0538

Junior Research Fellow - Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology
p. 0539

Junior Research Fellow - Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues Institute of Technology
p. 0539

Junior Research Fellow - Birla Institute of Technology and Science
p. 0540

Doctoral Research - Yenepoya University
p. 0540

JRF/SRF/RA - Sri Krishnadevaraya University
p. 0541

Nominations are Invited for the following Two Awards - Maharashtra Association for the Cultivation of Science
p. 0541

Research Associates - Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre
p. 0542

Call for Proposals on ‘Earth System Science Programs’- Earth System Science Organisation
p. 0542

Research Project - Indian School of Mines
p. 0543

Junior Research Fellow - Karunya University
p. 0543

Junior Research Fellow - Sri Ramachandra University
p. 0544

Eminent Scientists - National Tea Research Foundation
p. 0544

Junior Research Fellow - The University of Burdwan
p. 0544

Junior Research Fellow - Sastra University
p. 0544

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