Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 106 - Issue 1: 10 Jan, 2014
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0006

Guest Editorial
Linear, no threshold model in low-dose radiobiology: ideology versus science
p. 0007 | Kesavan, P. C.

Two Freds’ no more: the legacies of two scientists
p. 0009 | Suravajhala, Prashanth

Pop pills at will: implications of self-medication
p. 0009 | Mishra, Mamta; Shrivastava, Rahul; Kumar, Sudhir

Impact factor-driven taxonomy: deterrent to Indian taxonomists?
p. 0010 | Shashank, P. R.; Meshram, Naresh M.

United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation–2013
p. 0010 | Naik, P.

The translocated Kurdi Angod sacred site – a conservatory of RET plants of the Western Ghats
p. 0011 | Singh, R. Kr.; Garg, Arti

Gregarious flowering in woody bamboos: does it mean end of life?
p. 0012 | Nath, Arun Jyoti; Das, Mukta Chandra; Das, Ashesh Kumar

Using nanotechnology to control pests: trapping fruit fly using pheromone gels
p. 0014 | Herlekar, Ipsita

A step towards prevention of food losses
p. 0015 | Narayana, C. K.

Research News
Imaging of organic and biological materials by in-focus transmission electron microscopy
p. 0017 | Sur, Ujjal Kumar

Journal articles
p. 0020 | Gopala Sarma, P.

Science, Technology and Innovation Policy 2013 of India and informal sector innovations
p. 0021 | Sheikh, Fayaz Ahmad

Sustainability science in India
p. 0024 | Khuman, Y. S. C.; Mohapatra, Subhakanta; Yadav, S. K.; Salooja, M. K.

Scientific Correspondence
Proterozoic felsic volcanics in Alwar Basin of North Delhi Fold Belt, Rajasthan: implication for copper mineralization
p. 0027 | Khan, Israil; Sahoo, Prabodha Ranjan; Rai, Dinesh Kumar

Bioelectricity generation by proton exchange membrane-based microbial fuel cell from sewage substrate
p. 0029 | Yadav, Arti; Parida, Dimpal; Muralidharan, A.; Ramya, M.

General Articles
Energy in India and the world: 2012–13
p. 0031 | Desai, B. G.

Cost of siltation in Sardar Sarovar reservoir: implications for catchment treatment
p. 0035 | Pande, V. C.; Kurothe, R. S.; Sena, D. R.; Kumar, Gopal

Research Articles
An image processing approach for converging ASTER-derived spectral maps for mapping Kolhan limestone, Jharkhand, India
p. 0040 | Guha, Arindam; Vinod Kumar, K.; Dhananjaya Rao, E. N.; Parveen, Reshma

Strength improvement studies using new type wild strain Bacillus cereus on cement mortar
p. 0050 | Maheswaran, S.; Dasuru, S. S.; Rama Chandra Murthy, A.; Bhuvaneshwari, B.; Ramesh Kumar, V.; Palani, G. S.; Iyer, Nagesh R.; Krishnamoorthy, Sarayu; Sandhya, S.

Culturable bacterial phylogeny from a shallow water hydrothermal vent of Espalamaca (Faial, Azores) reveals a variety of novel taxa
p. 0058 | Rajasabapathy, Raju; Mohandass, Chellandi; Colaco, Ana; Dastager, Syed Gulam; Santos, Ricardo Serrao; Meena, Ram Murti

Research Communications
All states stand to save electricity were Indian Standard Time to be advanced
p. 0070 | SenGupta, D. P.; Gupta, Ila; Ahuja, Dilip R.

Hyper-variable spontaneous genetic variation for earliness, seed characters and other yield-contributing traits in lentil (Lens culinaris Med.)
p. 0075 | Punia, Sumer Singh; Ram, Baldev; Dheer, Meenakshi; Jain, Narendra Kumar; Koli, Nanag Ram; Khedar, Om Prakash

Nanocrystalline silica from termite mounds
p. 0083 | Ganguli, Ashok K.; Kumar, Sandeep; Baruah, Arabinda; Vaidya, Sonalika

Characteristic ULF band magnetic field variations at MPGO, Ghuttu for the 20 June 2011 earthquake in Garhwal Himalaya
p. 0088 | Rawat, Gautam

Large capacity reaction floor-wall assembly for pseudo-dynamic testing at IIT Kanpur and its load rating
p. 0093 | Rai, Durgesh C.; Jain, Sudhir K.; Murty, C. V. R.; Bansal, Dipanshu

Book Reviews
Fundamentals of Picoscience. Klaus D. Sattler (ed.)
p. 0101 | Virk, H. S.

Correlated Electrons in Quantum Matter. Peter Fulde
p. 0102 | Shenoy, Vijay B.

A Textbook of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, T. Pradeep et al.
p. 0103 | Nanda, Karuna Kar

Evergreen Revolution in Agriculture: Pathway to a Green Economy. P. C. Kesavan and M. S. Swaminathan
p. 0104 | Gupta, P. K.

Living Legends in Indian Science
Asoke Nath Mitra
p. 0106 | Panchapakesan, N.

Job Vacancies at Centre for Mycorrhizal Research Area - The Energy and Resources Institute
p. 0110

Research Proposals - Science and Engineering Research Board
p. 0111

Science Academies’ Refresher Course in Experimental Physics
p. 0112

Science Academies’ Sixtieth Refresher Course in Experimental Physics
p. 0113

Junior Research Fellow and Technical Assistant Position - S.V. (P.G.) College
p. 0114

IGBP Symposium on Geosphere-Biosphere Interactions in a Future Earth - Indian Institute of Science
p. 0115

Fifty-Eighth Refresher Course in Experimental Physics
p. 0116

Science Academies’ Refresher Course on ‘Recent Trends in Computer Science and Engineering: Refreshing the Young Minds’
p. 0117

4th Call for Proposal under Biotechnology Ignition Grant - Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council
p. 0118

Nominations for Academy Awards for the Biennium 2013–2014 - National Academy of Agricultural Sciences
p. 0119

Nominations/Applications for the Post of Director, CDFD, Hyderabad
p. 0120

Junior Research Fellow - Institute of Chemical Technology
p. 0121

Visiting Students' Research Programme - Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
p. 0121

Dr K.S. Krishnan Research Associateship Programme – 25th Batch - Department of Atomic Energy
p. 0122

Invites Applications Continuous Induction Program
p. 0122

JRF and Technical Assistant - DAV College, Jalandhar
p. 0123

Nominations Invited for Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prizes for Science and Technology – 2014
p. 0123

JRF and Technical Assistant - DAV College, Amritsar
p. 0124

Research Positions - Manipal University
p. 0124

Faculty Recruitment - Institute of Chemical Technology
p. 0125

Junior Research Fellow - Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
p. 0125

Training Programme on ‘Physiological and Molecular Approaches to Improve Drought Adaptation of Crops’- Department of Crop Physiology
p. 0126

Junior Research Fellow, Technical Assistance - Ewing Christian College
p. 0126

Research Associate - Centre for Soft Matter Research
p. 0127

Junior Research Fellow - Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya
p. 0127

International Symposium: Trends in Plant Science Research
p. 0127

Junior Research Fellow - Anna University
p. 0127

Junior Research Fellow - PSG Institute of Advanced Studies
p. 0128

Walk-in-Test cum Interview - Indian Institute of Spices Research
p. 0128

Research Fellow - Sastra University
p. 0128

Assistant Professors, Associate Professors - Cotton College State University
p. 0128

Project Assistant - Shivaji University
p. 0129

Four Senior Postdoctoral Research Associate Positions - Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
p. 0130

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