Current Science
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Volume 106 - Issue 07: 10 Apr, 2014
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0910

International World Water Day 2014, Focus: Water–Energy Nexus
p. 0911 | Srinivasan, R.

Pros and cons of food-based interventions to overcome malnutrition
p. 0913 | Rajashekar Reddy, B. H.; Shankar, A. G.; Udayakumar, M.

Accommodating outliers in Indian science
p. 0913 | Ananth, Sudarshan

Better health: an approach
p. 0914 | Ganguli, S.

Sustainable development of disaster-affected rural landscape of Kedar valley (Uttarakhand) through simple technological interventions
p. 0915 | Maikhuri, R. K.; Negi, Vikram S.; Rawat, L. S.; Maletha, Ajay

Notes on conservation of ‘RET’ plants in India
p. 0916 | Panda, Sauris

Research News
Architect of one’s own destruction
p. 0917 | Herlekar, Ipsita

Meeting Report
Climate science
p. 0919 | Shekhar, Mayank; Singh, Shaktiman

Mainstreaming mountain biodiversity conservation
p. 0920 | Basu, Sejuti

Design and manufacturing technologies for orthopaedic biomaterials
p. 0921 | Sunilkumar, B.; Basu, Bikramjit; Gelinsky, Michael

In Conversation
Rishad Naoroji
p. 0924 | Herlekar, Ipsita

Proposed functions of a university’s plagiarism cell
p. 0927 | Chaddah, P.

Science education in India is dwindling: causes and potential remedies
p. 0928 | Pahari, Susanta

Scientific Correspondence
Diverse palynoflora from amber and associated sediments of Tarkeshwar lignite mine, Surat district, Gujarat, India
p. 0930 | Singh, Hukam; Samant, Bandana; Adatte, Thierry; Khozyem, Hassan

Age of Himalayan cedar outside its natural home in the Himalayas
p. 0932 | Yadav, Ram R.; Misra, Krishna G.; Kotlia, Bahadur S.; Upreti, Neha

General Articles
To become a knowledge economy
p. 0936 | Chidambaram, R.

Scientific productivity versus efficiency of R&D financing: bibliometric analysis of African countries
p. 0942 | Dragos, Cristian Mihai; Dragos, Simona Laura

Review Articles
Cofactor regeneration – an important aspect of biocatalysis
p. 0946 | Uppada, Vanita; Bhaduri, Sumit; Noronha, Santosh B.

Research Articles
A bibliometric profile of Current Science
p. 0958 | Prathap, Gagan

Botanical Survey of India (1971–2010): a scientometric analysis
p. 0964 | Pathak, Manohar; Bharati, Kumar Avinash

Shear strength and constant rate of strain consolidation behaviour of cement-treated slurry-consolidated soft soil
p. 0972 | Bhuria, Nidal R.; Sachan, Ajanta

Fracture properties of steel fibre reinforced high-performance concrete containing nano-SiO2 and fly ash
p. 0980 | Zhang, Peng; Liu, Chen-Hui; Li, Qing-Fu; Zhang, Tian-Hang; Wang, Peng

Late Permian and Triassic palynomorphs from the Allan Hills, central Transantarctic Mountains, South Victoria Land, Antarctica
p. 0988 | Awatar, Ram; Tewari, Rajni; Agnihotri, Deepa; Chatterjee, Sankar; Pillai, S. S. K.; Meena, K. L.

Large, secondarily collected data in biological and environmental sciences
p. 0996 | Vidya, T. N. C.

Research Communications
The expansion and impact of cement manufacturing units and mining areas in Lumshnong, Jaintia hills, Meghalaya
p. 0997 | Chakraborty, Kasturi; Sudhakar, S.

Hydrogeochemical assessment of groundwater in karst environments, Bringi watershed, Kashmir Himalayas, India
p. 1000 | Bhat, Nadeem A.; Jeelani, Gh; Yaseen Bhat, M.

Are the Himalayan glaciers retreating?
p. 1008 | Bahuguna, I. M.; Rathore, B. P.; Brahmbhatt, Rupal; Sharma, Milap; Dhar, Sunil; Randhawa, S. S.; Kumar, Kireet; Romshoo, Shakil; Shah, R. D.; Ganjoo, R. K.; Ajai

Book Reviews
Complexity, Institutions and Public Policy: Agile Decision-Making in a Turbulent World. Graham Room
p. 1014 | Tukdeo, Shivali

Climate Change in Sikkim: Patterns, Impacts and Initiatives. M. L. Arrawatia and Sandeep Tambe (eds)
p. 1015 | Dash, S. K.

The Governance of Energy Megaprojects: Politics, Hubris and Energy Security. Benjamin K. Sovacool and Christopher J. Cooper
p. 1017 | Ahuja, Dilip R.

Planetary Climates. Andrew P. Ingersoll
p. 1018 | Murty, S. V. S.

Personal News
T. C. Narendran (1944–2013)
p. 1019 | Shreevihar, Santhosh

Historical Notes
Subhuman primates in Shakespeare’s oeuvre
p. 1021 | Kantha, Sachi Sri

Call for Applications for Field Training Course in Glaciology - Geological Survey of India
p. 1025

Invited for Ph.D. and I-Ph.D. Programmes - Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
p. 1026

Call for Proposals - Earth System Science Organisation
p. 1027

Scientist/Engineer - National Atmospheric Research Laboratory
p. 1028

Research positions - Manipal University
p. 1029

Application with Following Specialisation for Professors for Eminence, Professors and Associate Professors - MVJ College of Engineering
p. 1029

Faculty Position - Institute of Physics
p. 1030

National Workshop on ‘Concepts and Practices in Ecology of Plant–Animal Interaction’
p. 1030

Training Course on GC and HPLC Techniques - TERI
p. 1031

Postdoctoral Position Open
p. 1031

Research Scientist-C,Research Associate and Junior Research Fellows - University of Pune
p. 1032

Junior Research Fellow - University of Calcutta
p. 1032

Field Training Workshop on ‘Stratigraphy, Sedimentation and Tectonics along the Jammu–Leh–Shyok Transect’
p. 1033

Onboard/Onshore Participation from Indian Scientists/Researchers for Forthcoming IODP Expedition in the Arabian Sea - National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research
p. 1033

Ph.D. Programme - Poorna Prajna Institute of Scientific Research
p. 1034

Junior Research Fellow - SRM Research Institute
p. 1034

Call for Applications - National Biodiversity Authority
p. 1035

Junior Research Fellow - Himachal Pradesh University
p. 1035

Entrance Level Test for Ph.D. Programme in Physics - UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research
p. 1035

Junior Research Fellow - Department of Physics
p. 1036

JRF/Project Fellow Position in Nuclear Physics (AU, Visakhapatnam)
p. 1036

Summer School 2014
p. 1036

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