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Volume 104 - Issue 04: 25 Feb, 2013
In this Issue
In this Issue
p. 0402

Open Access: Tearing Down Barriers
p. 0403 | Balaram, P.

Research publications and templates for incremental research
p. 0405 | Chaddah, P.

Stress busting
p. 0405 | Rao, J. Prakasa

Is India open to scientific criticism?
p. 0406 | Agoramoorthy, G.; Chakraborty, C.

Dual-use dual-impact life science research
p. 0406 | Bamji, Mahtab S.

Top Indian higher education institutions and the Leiden and Scimago rankings
p. 0407 | Prathap, Gangan

Plant invasion researches in India: how long do we have to wait for appropriate management options?
p. 0408 | Pandey, Ankita; Sharma, Gyan P.

Mandu sacred grove in Upper Ganga Ramsar site, Uttar Pradesh
p. 0409 | Garg, Arti; Singh, Vineet

Jellyfish bloom along the south Odisha coast, Bay of Bengal
p. 0410 | Sahu, Biraja Kumar; Panigrahy, R. C.

Astrosat: a telescope on a satellite
p. 0412 | Panchal, Hardik

Meeting Report
Terrestrial carbon studies and Earth observation data
p. 0413 | Behera, M. D.; Dash, J.

Mountain tunnelling, aquifer and tectonics – a case study of Gran Sasso and its implications for the India-based Neutrino Observatory
p. 0414 | Padmanabhan, V. T.; Makkolil, Joseph

Impact factor versus Q1 class of journals in world university rankings
p. 0417 | Tayyab, S.; Boyce, A. N.

Scientific Correspondence
Floodplains: self-recharging and self-sustaining aquifers for city water
p. 0420 | Soni, Vikram; Singh, Diwan

Petrographic evidence as an indicator of volcanic forest fire from the Triassic of Allan Hills, South Victoria Land, Antarctica
p. 0422 | Kumar, Kamlesh; Chatterjee, Sankar; Tewari, Rajni; Mehrotra, Naresh C.; Singh, Gaurav Kumar

Dual mode of anthesis in male plants of sea buckthorn
p. 0425 | Ali, Amjad; Kaul, Veenu

Puffer fish menace in Kerala: a case of decline in predatory control in the southeastern Arabian Sea
p. 0426 | Mohamed, K. S.; Sathianandan, T. V.; Kripa, V.; Zacharia, P. U.

General Articles
Are CSIR–UGC NET-qualified Junior Research Fellows going away from science?
p. 0430 | Hasan, S. A.; Khilnani, Sushila; Luthra, Rajesh

Construction of environmental performance index and ranking of states
p. 0435 | Chandrasekharan, Indrani; Kumar, R. Sendhil; Raghunathan, Seena; Chandrasekaran, Shweta

Non-timber forest products as a source of livelihood option for forest dwellers: role of society, herbal industries and government agencies
p. 0440 | Johnson, T. Sudhakar; Agarwal, R. K.; Agarwal, Amit

Special Section: Radar Imaging Satellite-1
Significance of RISAT-1 in ISRO’s Earth Observation Programme
p. 0444 | Kumar, A. S. Kiran

Synthetic Aperture Radar payload on-board RISAT-1: configuration, technology and performance
p. 0446 | Misra, Tapan; Rana, S. S.; Desai, N. M.; Dave, D. B.; Rajeevjyoti; Arora, R. K.; Rao, C. V. N.; Bakori, B. V.; Neelakantan, R.; Vachchani, J. G.

RISAT-1 spacecraft configuration: architecture, technology and performance
p. 0462 | Valarmathi, N.; Tyagi, R. N.; Kamath, S. M.; Reddy, B. Trinatha; VenkataRamana, M.; Srinivasan, V. V.; Dutta, Chayan; Veena, N.; Venketesh, K.; Raveendranath, G. N.; Prasad, K. Sreenivasa; Badagandi, Rajeev R.; Natarajan, P.; Sudhakar, S.; Subhalakshmi, J.; Rao, Sreenivasa; Reddy, M. Krishna; Babu, G. Ravi Chandra

PSLV-C19/RISAT-1 mission: the launcher aspects
p. 0472 | Kunhikrishnan, P.; Sowmianarayanan, L.; Nampoothiri, M. Vishnu

Ground segment for RISAT-1 SAR mission
p. 0477 | Mahadevan, V.; Prasad, T. V. S. R. K.; Jain, D. S.; Chowdhury, Santanu; Pitchamani, M.; Desai, N. M.

Initial results using RISAT-1 C-band SAR data
p. 0490 | Chakraborty, Manab; Panigrahy, Sushma; Kumar, Raj; Murthy, T. V. R.; Haldar, Dipanwita; Chakraborty, Abhisek; Kumar, Tanumi; Rode, Sneha; Kumar, Hrishikesh; Mahapatra, Manik; Kundu, Sanchayita; Rajawat, A. S.

Research Communication
Analysis of remote sensing and aeromagnetic data for identification of the causative factors for the recent micro-seismicity observed in Vanasthalipuram area of Ranga Reddy district, Andhra Pradesh, India
p. 0502 | Chandrasekhar, P.; Seshadri, K.

Effect of phenytoin on development and life-history traits of Drosophila melanogaster
p. 0508 | Gayathri, D. S.; Harini, B. P.

Biodiversity of endophytic fungi in Kigelia pinnata during two different seasons
p. 0515 | Maheswari, S.; Rajagopal, K.

Simple filtration and low-temperature sterilization of drinking water
p. 0519 | Nimbkar, Nandini; Rajvanshi, Anil K.

Book Reviews
Transformations of Lamarckism. From Subtle Fluids to Molecular Bio¬logy. S. B. Gissis and E. Jablonka (eds)
p. 0523 | Nanjundiah, Vidyanand

How to Build a Habitable Planet: The Story of Earth from the Big Bang to Humankind. Charles H. Langmuir and Wally Broecker
p. 0525 | Chakrabarti, Ramananda

Personal News
Life and work of an Indian botanist (1904–1966) of the 20th century
p. 0527 | Maheshwari, Ramesh

Guy Dodson (1937–2012) (535)
p. 0535 | Vijayan, M.

Publications received
Publications received - 2012
p. 0537

Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor - UGC-Faculty Recharge Programme
p. 0542

p. 0543

Research Admissions 2013–2014 - Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
p. 0544

J G Kane Assistant Professor in Oils, Fats and Waxes - Institute of Chemical Technology
p. 0545

Ph.D. Programme in Science Education – 2013 - Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education
p. 0546

Forty-Ninth Refresher Course in Experimental Physics
p. 0547

The Plants of Western Ghats
p. 0548

Science Academies’ Refresher Course in Quantum Mechanics
p. 0549

Faculty Positions - University of IAR
p. 0550

Faculty Positions - Translational Health Science and Technology Institute
p. 0551

Doctoral Level Fellow Programme in Management - Indian Institute of Forest Management
p. 0551

Flowring Plants of Western Ghats India
p. 0552

Assistant Professor, Technical Officer and Junior Research Fellows - Patna University, Patna
p. 0552

Wellcome Trust
p. 0553

Research Associate and Technical Assistant - The Madura College (Autonomous)
p. 0553

SENIOR/JUNIOR ARCI FELLOWSHIPS - International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials
p. 0553

Wellcome Trust
p. 0554

Senior Research Fellow - Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
p. 0554

Junior Research Fellowship - Central University of Kerala
p. 0555

Position of JRF in DAE-BRNS Project - Department of Physics
p. 0555

National Seminar on Recent Perspectives on Lakes, Rivers and Coastal Wetlands
p. 0555

Guidelines for paper/abstract submission - Maharani’s Science College for Women
p. 0555

Junior Research Fellow - Institute of Chemical Technology
p. 0556

Junior Research Fellow - Institute of Chemical Technology
p. 0556

Junior Research Fellow - University of Madras
p. 0556

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