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Volume 103 - Issue 6: 25 Sep, 2012
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0605

DNA: Finding Uses for Junk
p. 0607 | Balaram, P.

Martians of science
p. 0609 | Balakrishnan, V.

Innocent equipment and sophisticated users
p. 0609 | Iyer, Sridhar D.

Open access and impact factors
p. 0610 | Mahesh, G.

Management of scientific research institutions in India
p. 0610 | Aggarwal, Bhagwan D.

Research productivity of female research scholars and their migration pattern in pursuit of higher education and research
p. 0611 | Hasan, S. A.; Sharma, Mahender Kumar; Khilnani, Sushila; Luthra, Rajesh

The cranes’ castle
p. 0612 | Devaprakash, J.

Incidence of sandal spike symptoms in a one-year-old plantation in Karnataka
p. 0613 | Kumar, A. N. Arun; Joshi, Geeta

Soil carbon sequestration through mulberry based agro-forestry system in temperate region
p. 0614 | Rathore, M. S.; Srinivasulu, Y.; Kour, R.; Dhar, Anil; Sahaf, K. A.

Retirement age of university teachers and scientists in Central Government
p. 0615 | Upadhyaya, G. S.

Meeting Report
Indian Academy of Sciences – Mid-Year Meeting
p. 0616 | Desikan, Shubashree; Panchal, Hardik; Prakash, Megha

Recent advances in electron microscopy;Young protectors of nature;Biodiversity Asia 2012; Home-coming event
p. 0617 | Panchal, Hardik

Sarabhai Research Awards and PRL Award;NASI Awards
p. 0618 | Panchal, Hardik

Research News
Frogs too look for better interior designs
p. 0620 | Badrinath, Ramya; Gururaja, K. V.

An angle to tackle the neutrinos
p. 0622 | Rajasekaran, G.

Scientific Correspondence
Chattonella marina bloom in the coastal sea off Mahe, Southwest India
p. 0624 | Sanilkumar, M. G.; Thomas, Anit M.; Vijayalakshmi, K. C.; Hatha, A. A. Mohamed; Saramma, A. V.

Endophytic bacteria – do they colonize within the plant tissues if applied externally?
p. 0626 | Kurian, P. Sainamole; Abraham, Koshy; Sureshkumar, P.

Pollination without emasculation: an efficient method of hybridization in soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill)
p. 0628 | Talukdar, Akshay; Shivakumar, M.

Technical Note
Development of a helium purification system using pressure swing adsorption
p. 0631 | Das, Nisith Kr.; Kumar, Pradeep; Mallik, C.; Bhandari, Rakesh K.

General Articles
Venom, antivenom production and the medically important snakes of India
p. 0635 | Whitaker, Romulus; Whitaker, Samir

Special Section: Mathematical Finance
Mathematical finance
p. 0644 | Rao, M. Rammohan; Kapshe, Sanjeevan

Dealing with complex realities in financial modelling
p. 0647 | Madan, Dilip B.; Eberlein, Ernst

Credit portfolio optimization with replacement in defaultable asset
p. 0650 | Kumar, K. Suresh; Pal, Chandan

Pricing credit derivatives
p. 0657 | Banerjee, Tamal; Ghosh, Mrinal K.; Iyer, Srikanth K.

Modelling in the spirit of Markowitz portfolio theory in a non-Gaussian world
p. 0666 | Karandikar, Rajeeva Laxman; Sinha, Tapen

Foreign capital inflow, exchange rate dynamics and potential financial crisis
p. 0673 | Basak, Gopal K.; Das, Pranab Kumar; Marjit, Sugata

Research Articles
Numerical investigations of shear lag effect on PZT-structure interaction: review and application
p. 0685 | Moharana, Sumedha; Bhalla, Suresh

Research Communications
Partial imputation to improve predictive modelling in insurance risk classification using a hybrid positive selection algorithm and correlation-based feature selection
p. 0697 | Duma, Mlungisi; Twala, Bhekisipho; Nelwamondo, Fulufhelo V.; Marwala, Tshilidzi

Development of village-wise flood risk index map using multi-temporal satellite data: a study of Nagaon district, Assam, India
p. 0705 | Sharma, S. V. Shiva Prasad; Rao, G. Srinivasa; Bhanumurthy, V.

Development of SCAR marker for sex determination in dioecious betelvine (Piper betle L.)
p. 0712 | Khadke, G. N.; Bindu, K. Hima; Ravishankar, K. V.

Fossil batoid and teleost fish remains from Bhuban Formation (Lower to Middle Miocene), Surma Group, Aizawl, Mizoram
p. 0716 | Tiwari, R. P.; Ralte, Victor Zochhuana

Book Reviews
Neither Physics nor Chemistry: A His-tory of Quantum Chemistry. Kostas Gavroglu and Ana Simões
p. 0721 | Keshavamurthy, Srihari

Plant Taxonomy: Past, Present and Future – Dr Prithipalsingh Festschrift. Rajni Gupta (ed. )
p. 0722 | Sanjappa, M.; Venu, P.

9 Algorithms that Changed the Future: The Ingenious Ideas that Drive To-day’s Computers. John MacCormick
p. 0723 | Narahari, Y.

Pictorial Guide to Frogs and Toads of the Western Ghats. K. V. Gururaja
p. 0724 | Dutta, S. K.

Personal News
S. L. N. G. Krishnamachari (1928–2012)
p. 0726 | Kartha, V. B.

Jagadish Chandra Bhattacharyya (1930–2012)
p. 0727 | Prabhu, Tushar; Rajan, K. T.

M. Anantaswamy Rau (1916–2012)
p. 0728 | Ram, H. Y. Mohan

Elinor Ostrom (1933–2012)
p. 0730 | Nagendra, Harini

Call for Post Doctoral Fellowship under Cognitive Science Research Initiative (CSI), Ministry of Science and Technology
p. 0731

BD Biosciences
p. 0733

Rigaku Corporation and its Global Subsidiaries
p. 0734

Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany
p. 0735

DST Postdoctoral Fellowships in Nano Science and Technology
p. 0736

Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) - Department of Science and Technology
p. 0737

Assistant Professor Vacancy - National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore
p. 0738

Junior Research Fellow - Charotar University of Science and Technology
p. 0738

Research Associate - Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
p. 0739

Junior Research Fellow, Postdoctoral Research Associate - Mizoram University
p. 0739

Research Associate - Karpagam University
p. 0740

Junior Research Fellow - Karpagam University
p. 0740

2nd National Workshop on Taxonomy,Ex Situ Conservation and Bioprospecting of Fungi
p. 0741

National Plant Gene Repository
p. 0741

28th Winter School on ‘High Content Screening in Drug Discovery’ - Madurai Kamaraj University
p. 0742

Inter University Centre for Genomics and Gene Technology
p. 0742

Junior Research Fellow - Banaras Hindu University
p. 0743

Central Institute of Coir Technology
p. 0743

Junior Research Fellow - Shoolini University
p. 0744

Junior Research Fellow - National Institute of Technology
p. 0744

Junior Research Fellow - National Institute of Technology
p. 0744

Junior Research Fellow - Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
p. 0744

Training Programme for Women Scientists on Geomatics: Technology and Applications
p. 0745

Junior Research Fellow - Department of Physics
p. 0745

Senior Research Fellow - Sankara Nethralaya
p. 0745

Senior Research Fellow - Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur
p. 0746

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