Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 103 - Issue 09: 10 Nov, 2012
In this Issue
In this issue (‘Foreword’ by Eric Maskin)
p. 0970

Stress Research: Bridging Sociology and Biology
p. 0971 | Balaram, P.

Assessing colleges: teaching or research
p. 0973 | Ravishankar, Lakshmy

Disposal of old, ailing and outdated scientific instruments
p. 0974 | Gopalan, K.

S&T news coverage
p. 0974 | Dasgupta, A. K.

Science, Technology and Innovation Policy
p. 0975 | Mane, Rahul S.

Trans-disciplinary research in India – a scenario for the developing world
p. 0977 | Abbasi, Tasneem; Abbasi, S. A.

Shale gas – a future energy alternative
p. 0977 | Ariketi, Ravinder

Narcissus tazetta – a case study of biopiracy
p. 0978 | Akram, Usama; Azhar, Misbahuddin; Akthar, Jamal; Kumar, Pawan; Fazil, Mohd; Ahmed, Shamshad

In vitro culture of Trithuria konkanensis, one of the smallest angiosperms
p. 0979 | Adsul, A. A.; Patil, S. M.; Yadav, S. R.; Bapat, V. A.

Did mangroves offer an effective barrier to the Thane cyclone surges?
p. 0981 | Satheeshkumar, P.; Sankar, R. Siva; Kumar, D. Senthil; Athithan, A.

The art of reviewing – the Indian context
p. 0982 | Iyer, Sridhar D.

Magical algorithms for matching markets: Lloyd Shapley and Alvin Roth – Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences (2012)
p. 0983 | Narahari, Y.

In Conversation
Eric Maskin
p. 0985 | Prakash, Megha

Gender and climate resilient agriculture: an overview of issues
p. 0987 | Nirmala, G.; Venkateswarlu, B.

Scientific Correspondence
Development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of the organophosphate pesticide, chlorpyrifos
p. 0989 | Goel, P.; Kapur-Ghai, J.

Ice nucleating bacteria in hailstones during a hailstorm over Karad, India
p. 0990 | Raut, Avinash A.; Lokare, Sumit S.; Bajekal, Shyam S.

Essential and toxic elements in karst springs of Kashmir
p. 0992 | Jeelani, Gh; Ahmed, Shakeel; Absar, A.

General Articles
Regulating the dual-use and dual-impact life science research: influenza virus versus biotech crops
p. 0995 | Gupta, P. K.

Special Section: Game Theory
Existence of stationary equilibrium for mixtures of discounted stochastic games
p. 1003 | Krishnamurthy, Nagarajan; Parthasarathy, T.; Babu, Sujatha

On Nash-equilibria of approximation-stable games
p. 1014 | Awasthi, Pranjal; Balcan, Maria-Florina; Blum, Avrim; Sheffet, Or; Vempala, Santosh

Approximate strategyproofness
p. 1021 | Lubin, Benjamin; Parkes, David C.

A simplex-like algorithm for linear Fisher markets
p. 1033 | Adsul, Bharat; Babu, Ch. Sobhan; Garg, Jugal; Mehta, Ruta; Sohoni, Milind

Multidimensional mechanism design: key results and research issues
p. 1043 | Mishra, Debasis

Stable matchings and linear programming
p. 1051 | Vohra, Rakesh V.

An overview of practical exchange design
p. 1056 | McAfee, R. Preston; Vassilvitskii, Sergei

Truthful multi-armed bandit mechanisms for multi-slot sponsored search auctions
p. 1064 | Sarma, Akash Das; Gujar, Sujit; Narahari, Y.

Research Articles
A novel haloarchaeal lineage widely distributed in the hypersaline marshy environment of Little and Great Rann of Kutch in India
p. 1078 | Thomas, Manesh; Pal, Kamal K.; Dey, Rinku; Saxena, Anil K.; Dave, Shailesh R.

Research Communications
Attributable deaths from smoking in the last 100 years in India
p. 1085 | Lal, Pranay G.; Wilson, Nevin C.; Gupta, Prakash C.

Reproductive assurance through unusual autogamy in the absence of pollinators in Passiflora edulis (passion fruit)
p. 1091 | Shivanna, K. R.

Analysis of the potential of kimberlite rock spectra as spectral end member using samples from Narayanpet Kimberlite Field, Andhra Pradesh
p. 1096 | Guha, Arindam; Rao, D. Ananth; Ravi, S.; Kumar, K. Vinod; Rao, E. N. Dhananjaya

Indian flying fox in Hamirsir Lake, Bhuj city needs conservation attention
p. 1104 | Mahato, Arun Kumar Roy; Kumar, V. Vijay; Patel, Nainesh

Book Reviews
The Idea Factory: Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation. Jon Gertner
p. 1105 | Natarajan, Vasant

Domestication of Plants in the Old World. D. Zohary, M. Hopf and E. Weiss
p. 1106 | Nayar, N. M.

Diamonds and their Source Rocks in India. Fareeduddin and Roger H. Mitchell
p. 1107 | Chalapathi Rao, N. V.

Ramalingaswami Re-Entry Fellowship
p. 1110

p. 1111

S. Ramaseshan Science Writing Fellowships/Internships
p. 1112

‘Agrometeorological Aspects of Extreme Weather Events’ - Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture
p. 1113

Forty-Seventh Refresher Course in Experimental Physics
p. 1114

Next Generation Genomics Data Analysis Workshop C-CAMP & EBI
p. 1115

NGRI–AHI Indian National Hydrology Lecture Award
p. 1116

p. 1117

India Nanotech Innovation Award
p. 1118

Junior Research Fellow - Karpagam Academy of Higher Education
p. 1119

Nominations for National Bioscience Award for Career Development: 2012
p. 1119

Senior Research Fellow - Indian Institute of Science
p. 1120

Call for Proposals for Scientific Research in the Arctic Region - National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research
p. 1120

RCB Young Investigator Awards - Regional Centre for Biotechnology
p. 1121

Junior Research Fellow - Regional Centre for Biotechnology
p. 1121

Seventh Teacher/Researcher Training Workshop on Cancer Biology at Indian Institute of Science - UGC-Networking Resource Centre
p. 1122

DST NRDMS Sponsored Training Programmes on Hyperspectral Remote Sensing (HSRS) and Applications
p. 1122

Joint Calls for DST-ANR Collaborative Research Projects
p. 1123

JRF Position in BRNS Project - Madurai Kamaraj University
p. 1123

Science, Technology and Society – An International Journal
p. 1124

Junior Research Fellow - Navya LifeSciences Research Foundation
p. 1124

p. 1125

JRF/SRF Position - Birla Institute of Technology and Science
p. 1125

Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor - Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University
p. 1125

Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor - Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University
p. 1125

Post-Doctoral Position in France
p. 1126

Maximize the Impact of Your Life Science Research
p. 1126

Ethological Society of India and University of Calcutta
p. 1126

Junior Research Fellow - Department of Biotechnology
p. 1126

Call for Applications for Full-Time Ph.D. - Sastra University
p. 1127

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