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Volume 103 - Issue 02: 25 Jul, 2012
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0122

Men and Microbes: War and Peace
p. 0123 | Balaram, P.

Darwin of the 20th century – Mayr or Dobzhansky?
p. 0125 | Singh, B. N.

Some deleterious consequences of birth of new disciplines in science: the case of biology
p. 0126 | Gupta, M. N.

Indian and Chinese papers in Nature
p. 0127 | Mahesh, G.

Can India overpower China in publishing science and engineering research articles?
p. 0128 | Hasan, S. A.; Khilnani, Sushila; Luthra, Rajesh

Save and promote soil biodiversity
p. 0128 | Patra, Ashok K.

On the tragedy of geology and geologists
p. 0129 | Pachauri, A. K.

Acacia dealbata Link. (Silver Wattle), an invasive species growing in high altitudes of the Himalaya
p. 0130 | Bhat, Jahangeer A.; Kumar, Munesh; Negi, Ajeet K.; Todaria, N. P.

Seismicity near Jaitapur, India
p. 0130 | Rastogi, B. K.

Need of strategic international educational programmes
p. 0132 | Sarkar, Jaimini

Meeting Report
DAE solid state physics symposium 2011
p. 0133 | Bharathi, A.

Role of integrated weed management strategies in sustaining conservation agriculture systems
p. 0135 | Chauhan, Bhagirath Singh; Mahajan, Gulshan

Role of underutilized crops for combating iron deficiency in Indian population
p. 0137 | Arivalagan, M.; Prasad, T. V.; Bag, M. K.

Scientific Correspondence
Seed segregation of five South Indian Rauvolfia L. species by electrophoretic protein profiling
p. 0138 | Anilkumar, C.; Ipe, Chris; Bindu, S.; Chitra, C. R.; Mathew, P. J.; Krishnan, P. N.

Evaluation of millicompost versus vermicompost
p. 0140 | Ramanathan, B.; Alagesan, P.

River diversion schemes versus waste water recycling for Bangalore city
p. 0144 | Harsha, J.

General Articles
Indus writing is multilingual: a part-syllabic system at work
p. 0147 | Srinivasan, S.; Joseph, J. V. M.; Harikumar, P.

Quantity or quality: what matters more in ranking higher education institutions?
p. 0158 | Radojicic, Zoran; Jeremic, Veljko

Is land really a constraint for the utilization of solar energy in India?
p. 0163 | Mitavachan, H.; Srinivasan, J.

Research Articles
Flow analysis for the Falkner–Skan wedge flow
p. 0169 | Bararnia, H.; Haghparast, N.; Miansari, Mo.; Barari, A.

Production and preliminary characterization of inter-specific hybrids derived from Momordica species
p. 0178 | Bharathi, L. K.; Munshi, A. D.; Behera, T. K.; Vinod; John, K. Joseph; Das, A. B.; Bhat, K. V.; Sidhu, A. S.

Research Communications
Regional conductance map of Saurashtra and surrounding regions
p. 0187 | Rao, P. B. V. Subba; Singh, A. K.; Rao, C. K.

Evidence of functional specialization and pollination syndrome in Amomum subulatum Roxb. (Zingiberaceae)
p. 0193 | Kishore, Kundan; Kalita, H.; Rinchen, D.; Lepcha, Boniface

Genetic diversity in unique indigenous mango accessions (Appemidi) of the Western Ghats for certain fruit characteristics
p. 0199 | Vasugi, C.; Dinesh, M. R.; Sekar, K.; Shivashankara, K. S.; Padmakar, B.; Ravishankar, K. V.

Terrain response to the 1819 Allah Bund earthquake in western Great Rann of Kachchh, Gujarat, India
p. 0208 | Thakkar, M. G.; Ngangom, Mamata; Thakker, P. S.; Juyal, N.

Book Reviews
Solid Biomechanics. Roland Ennos
p. 0213 | Gundiah, Namrata; Sane, Sanjay P.

A Widening Sphere: Evolving Cultures at MIT. Philip N. Alexander
p. 0214 | Goodstein, Judith

Historical Notes
There is no scientific basis for the Aryan Invasion Theory
p. 0216 | Prasanna, T. R. S.

Rigaku Corporation and its Global Subsidiaries
p. 0222

Visiting Fellowships - 2012-2013 - Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
p. 0223

BD Biosciences
p. 0224

Recruitment of Scientists - Maharashtra Association for the Cultivation of Science
p. 0225

Director - Tea Research Association
p. 0226

Forty-Third Refresher Course in Experimental Physics
p. 0227

The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara
p. 0228

Junior Research Fellow - Gujarat Institute of Desert Ecology
p. 0228

Junior Research Fellow - The Oxford College of Engineering
p. 0229

Junior Research Fellow - NMKRV College for Women
p. 0229

Research Proposals - Continental Tropical Convergence Zone (CTCZ) Programme
p. 0230

Madurai Kamaraj University
p. 0230

UGC-Networking Resource Centre
p. 0231

SRF (One) and JRF (One) - Banaras Hindu University
p. 0231

National Facility for Geochronology
p. 0232

Deputation of Indian Scientists Abroad Under Bilateral Exchange Programme – 2013 - Indian National Science Academy
p. 0232

Junior Research Fellow - Karunya University
p. 0233

National Training Programmes in Electron Microscopy (2012–2013) - All India Institute of Medical Sciences
p. 0233

RCB-Young Investigator Awards - Regional Centre for Biotechnology
p. 0234

Junior Research Fellow - Indian Plywood Industries Research and Training Institute
p. 0234

Junior Research Fellow - University of Pune
p. 0234

JRF Position in DST – Project - Department of Botany
p. 0234

Project Assistant - Toxicology Laboratory
p. 0235

Junior Research Fellow - Nesamony Memorial Christian College
p. 0235

Junior Research Fellow - Toc H Institute of Science and Technology
p. 0235

Maharaj Vinayak Global University
p. 0236

Protein Folding and Dynamics - National Centre for Biological Sciences
p. 0237

European Union
p. 0238

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