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Volume 102 - Issue 05: 10 Mar, 2012
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In this issue
p. 0653

Communicating Science: Candles, Flames and Faraday
p. 0655 | Balaram, P.

Where are quality teachers for higher education?
p. 0657 | Upadhyaya, G. S.

Seminars on biodiversity – do they inspire people?
p. 0657 | Dutta, Himangshu; Dutta, Angshu

Disaster management: need for an aggressive strategy
p. 0658 | Rajendran, C. P.

Future of nuclear power in India
p. 0659 | Manchanda, Vijay

An ambience to perform well
p. 0660 | Rao, A. S.

Unwanted ground vegetation?
p. 0660 | Bhattacharya, Malay

Tuberculosis: TDR and XDR war of terminologies
p. 0661 | Sarkar, Jaimini

Meeting Report
Looking within
p. 0662 | Monto, Geethanjali

Research News
A remote-controlled transparent large-area graphene-based robot
p. 0663 | Srinivasan, C.; Saraswathi, R.

In Conversation
Virander Singh Chauhan
p. 0665 | Malhotra, Richa

Vinod Prakash Sharma
p. 0666 | Malhotra, Richa

Bruce Alberts
p. 0667 | Monto, Geethanjali

Urgent need for a permanent dengue surveillance system in India
p. 0672 | Sivagnaname, N.; Yuvarajan, S.; Britto, R. L. J. De

Living in a Bayesian world: scientific deduction through induction
p. 0676 | Agrawal, Anurag

Continuing challenge of malaria in India
p. 0678 | Sharma, V. P.

Scientific Correspondence
Stone alignment with solar and other sightlines in South India
p. 0683 | Menon, Srikumar M.; Vahia, Mayank N.; Rao, Kailash

General Articles
Possible contribution of River Saraswati in groundwater aquifer system in western Rajasthan, India
p. 0685 | Mitra, D. S.; Bhadu, Balram

Need for proper water management for food security
p. 0690 | Tyagi, S. K.; Datta, P. S.; Singh, Ravender

Special Section: Malaria Research
Molecular surveillance of drug-resistant malaria in India
p. 0696 | Sharma, Y. D.

Artemisinin-based combination with curcumin adds a new dimension to malaria therapy
p. 0704 | Padmanaban, Govindarajan; Nagaraj, V. Arun; Rangarajan, Pundi N.

Regulation of gene expression in Plasmodium falciparum
p. 0712 | Narayan, Aishwarya; Kumar, Mayank; Singh, Meghna; Babar, Prasad; Chaudhari, Rahul; Patankar, Swati

DNA replication during intra-erythrocytic stages of human malarial parasite Plasmodium falciparum
p. 0725 | Mitra, Pallabi; Deshmukh, Abhijit S.; Dhar, Suman Kumar

Translation and post-translational modifications in Plasmodium
p. 0741 | Sharma, Shobhona; Jarori, Gotam K.

Housekeeping and other metabolic functions of the Plasmodium plastid
p. 0749 | Haider, Afreen; Gupta, Ankit; Vaish, Suniti; Kumar, Bijay; Charan, Manish; Mir, Snober S.; Tanveer, Aiman; Sinha, Ashima; Habib, Saman

Crosstalk between purine nucleotide metabolism and mitochondrial pathways in Plasmodium falciparum
p. 0757 | Jayaraman, Vijay; Bulusu, Vinay; Balaram, Hemalatha

Erythrocyte binding proteins of malaria parasites: potential targets for intervention
p. 0767 | Chitnis, Chetan E.

Research Articles
Inter-decadal trends in the annual cycles of atmospheric CO2 at Mauna Loa
p. 0774 | Yajnik, K. S.; Swathi, P. S.

Research Communications
Lunar surface age determination using Chandrayaan-1 TMC data
p. 0783 | Arya, A. S.; Rajasekhar, R. P.; Thangjam, Guneshwar; Gujrati, Ashwin; Amitabh; Trivedi, Sunanda; Krishna, B. Gopala; Ajai; Kumar, A. S. Kiran

Tectonic implications of the September 2011 Sikkim earthquake and its aftershocks
p. 0788 | Kumar, M. Ravi; Hazarika, Pinki; Prasad, G. Srihari; Singh, Arun; Saha, Satish

Triggering of aftershocks of the Japan 2011 earthquake by Earth tides
p. 0792 | Datta, A.; Kamal

Book Reviews
S. Chandrashekhar, Man of Science. Radhika Ramnath (ed. )
p. 0797 | Prakash, Megha

Magical Mathematics: The Mathemati-cal Ideas that Animate Great Magic Tricks. Persi Diaconis and Ron Graham
p. 0798 | Desikan, Shubashree

Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology, 2011. Arthur K. Choet al. (eds)
p. 0799 | Yadav, P. N.; Dikshit, Madhu

Climate Change and Global Energy Security: Technology and Policy Options. Marilyn A. Brown and Benja-min K. Sovacool
p. 0800 | Ahuja, Dilip R.

Wellcome Trust
p. 0802

Wellcome Trust
p. 0803

United States-India Educational Foundation
p. 0804

Doctoral Programme-National Institute of Advanced Studies
p. 0805

NASI-Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Awards for the Year 2012-The National Academy of Sciences, India
p. 0806

NASI–Reliance Industries Platinum Jubilee Awards for the Year 2012 For Application Oriented Innovations-The National Academy of Sciences, India
p. 0807

Junior Research Fellow-Indian Institute of Science
p. 0808

Methods in Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics-Department of Biotechnology
p. 0808

Doctoral Research (Ph. D. ) Programme 2012–13-Institute for Social and Economic Change
p. 0809

Junior Research Fellow and Project Assistant-Institute of Wood Science and Technology
p. 0809

JRF in DAE-BRNS Project-Mody Institute of Technology and Science
p. 0810

Associate Scientist/Senior Scientist-Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Research Institute
p. 0810

Short-Term Training Course (STTC) on ‘Bioprocessing in Biotechnology’
p. 0811

IIITM-K Summer School on Environmental Informatics
p. 0811

Career Opportunities in Plant Biology and Agriculture Sciences-Regional Centre for Biotechnology
p. 0812

Nominations Invited for Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prizes for Science and Technology – 2012
p. 0812

of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor-University of Hyderabad
p. 0813

JRF/SRF/RA Position-Birla Institute of Technology and Science
p. 0813

Finance and Accounts Officer, Librarian, Professor, Associate Pro¬fessor and Assistant Professor-SWAMI RAMANAND TEERTH MARATHWADA UNIVERSITY
p. 0813

Requires Technical Staff-Environment Protection Training and Research Institute
p. 0813

Science Writing Internships-Current Science
p. 0814

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Current Issue
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