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Volume 102 - Issue 04: 25 Feb, 2012
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0538

Human Experimentation: Historical Lessons
p. 0539 | Balaram, P.

Bt-cotton: refuge in seed-mix – some clarifications on its need and viability
p. 0541 | Manjunath, T. M.

Funds promote scientific output
p. 0542 | Tan, Alice M.; Zhao, Star X.; Ye, Fred Y.

Need for a centralized digital inventory on floral additions
p. 0544 | Uniyal, Sanjay Kr.; Jaryan, Vikrant

Foreshore facilities – home to corals
p. 0544 | Dave, Chandresh S.; Kamboj, Ravi Dutt

Marine sponge an evolving science – the need for a comprehensive systematic inventory for peninsular India
p. 0545 | Wilson, J. Jerald; Kitto, M. R.

Aquilaria malaccensis Lam., a Red-listed and highly exploited tree species in the Assamese home garden
p. 0546 | Saikia, P.; Khan, M. L.

Medicinal rice varieties of India need urgent attention
p. 0547 | Mohanty, R. B.; Panda, T.; Tripathy, B. K.

In Conversation
Bhaskar Ramamurthi
p. 0548 | Desikan, Shubashree

Research News
Visual aspects of reaching represented in primary motor cortex
p. 0549 | Miyapuram, Krishna Prasad

The International Code for Nomenclature for algae, fungi and plants – a significant rewrite of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature
p. 0551 | Karthick, B.; Williams, David M.

Scientists and scribes
p. 0553 | Monto, Geethanjali

Riddle and ridicule of earthquake prediction
p. 0554 | Bapat, Arun

High risk of oral cancer in North India
p. 0556 | Nath, A.; Singh, J. K.; Vendan, S. Ezhil; Priyanka; Anamika; Sinha, Sherya

National vaccine policy in the era of vaccines seeking diseases and governments seeking public private partnerships
p. 0557 | Madhavi, Y.; Raghuram, N.

Scientific Correspondence
Monitoring the alpine treeline shift in parts of the Indian Himalayas using remote sensing
p. 0559 | Singh, C. P.; Panigrahy, S.; Thapliyal, A.; Kimothi, M. M.; Soni, P.; Parihar, J. S.

General Articles
Koinophilia revisited: the evolutionary link between mate selection and face recognition
p. 0563 | Unnikrishnan, M. K.

Insect genomic resources: status, availability and future
p. 0571 | Chilana, Poonam; Sharma, Anu; Rai, Anil

The tragedy of being a geologist
p. 0581 | Valdiya, K. S.

Research Account
Diversity and conservation of selected biota of the Megamalai landscape, Western Ghats, India
p. 0590 | Bhupathy, S.; Srinivas, G.; Sathishkumar, N.; Murugesan, M.; Babu, S.; Suganthasakthivel, R.; Sivakumar, P.

Research Articles
Effect of seed abortion and seed storage on germination and seedling growth in Aquilaria malaccensis Lamk. (Thymelaeaceae)
p. 0596 | Shankar, Uma

Research Communications
Role of subducting component and sub-arc mantle in arc petrogenesis: Andaman volcanic arc
p. 0605 | Ray, Dwijesh; Rajan, S.; Ravindra, Rasik

Preparation of calcium phosphate nanoparticles and evaluation of their effects on muscle cells of rat
p. 0610 | Tamuly, Shantanu; Saxena, Mumtesh Kumar

Emergence of a wetland with the potential for an avian abode of global significance in South Bengal, India
p. 0613 | Sinha, Anirban; Hazra, Prantik; Khan, T. N.

Scenedesmus as a potential source of biodiesel among selected microalgae
p. 0616 | Prabakaran, Pandian; Ravindran, A. David

Book Reviews
Annual Review of Physiology, 2011. David Julius (ed. ).
p. 0621 | Vaz, Mario

Annual Review of Immunology, 2010. W. E. Paul, D. R. Littman and M. Yoko-yama (eds)
p. 0622 | Nandi, Dipankar

Genetic Resources, Chromosome Engineering, and Crop Improvement Series: Medicinal Plants. Ram J. Singh (ed.)
p. 0624 | Gautam, P. L.

Publications received
Publications received – 2011
p. 0625

NASI-Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Awards for the Year 2012-The National Academy of Sciences, India
p. 0629

NASI–Reliance Industries Platinum Jubilee Awards for the Year 2012 For Application Oriented Innovations-The National Academy of Sciences, India
p. 0630

Science Academies'Refresher Course in Statistical Physics
p. 0631

Research Admissions 2012–2013-Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
p. 0632

Project Associates to work on the sponsored research projects-Department of Civil Engineering
p. 0633

Satyendra Nath Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
p. 0634

3rd International Conference on Stem Cells and Cancer
p. 0635

IMGENEX India Pvt. Ltd.
p. 0636

Ph. D. Programme in Science Education – 2012-Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education
p. 0637

Call for Letters of Intent (LOI) for Public–Private Partnership Programme on Opportunities to Explore Microbial Diversity for Industrial Important Microbial Products-Department of Biotechnology
p. 0638

Recruitment of Research Fellow for BRNS Project-Pondicherry University
p. 0639

Fellow Programme in Management (Doctoral Level)-Indian Institute of Forest Management
p. 0639

Junior Research Fellow-K S Rangasamy College of Arts and Science
p. 0640

Fast Track Course for Life Sciences
p. 0640

Research Associate-Indian Institute of Science Education and Research
p. 0641

Junior Research Fellow-Biotechnology Division
p. 0641

International Conference on Statistical Physics and Nonlinear Dynamics-Satyendra Nath Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
p. 0642

An Indo-EU Advanced School on Modeling Complex Oxides – ATHENA 2012-S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
p. 0642

Nominations for Biotech Product and Process Development and Commercialization Awards 2012-Department of Biotechnology
p. 0643

Junior Research Fellow-National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health
p. 0643

Junior Research Fellow-SRM University
p. 0644

Position of JRF in DAE-BRNS Project-Bharathidasan University
p. 0644

The BD Accuri C6 personal flow cytometry
p. 0645

Science Writing Internships-Current Science
p. 0646

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