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Volume 100 - Issue 08: 25 Apr, 2011
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1116

Maxwell and Faraday: The Anniversary of a Unification
p. 1117 | Balaram, P.

Guidelines for success of well site selection
p. 1119 | Rao, N. Subba

GM crops are not the only solution
p. 1119 | Dharmapalan, Biju

ICAR: time for introspection
p. 1120 | Sharma, N. D.

Unusual foaming along Thiruvananthapuram coast
p. 1121 | Baba, M.; Jose, J. Jean; Udayakumar, P.; Babu, K. Narendra

Occurrence of vivipary in Capsicum annuum L. cv. California Wonder
p. 1122 | Yadav, Patade Vikas; Kumari, Maya; Ahmed, Zakwan

Spider nectivory by Phintella vittata Koch (Araneae: Salticidae) from the extrafloral nectaries of Urena lobata L. from the Indian region
p. 1123 | Soren, Rahi; Chowdhury, Soumyajit

Smile with Science: Sumanta Baruah
p. 1124

News Focus
Refresher Courses at the Indian Academy of Sciences
p. 1125 | Malhotra, Richa

In Conversation
The magic of the living world
p. 1129 | Yadugiri, V. T.

Research News
A plant thermometer gene for measuring climate change
p. 1135 | Hanur, Vageeshbabu S.

IISc’s plunge to train school teachers
p. 1137 | Malhotra, Richa

Classification of granitic rocks: a march from alphabet soup to petrogenetic recipes
p. 1138 | Mondal, M. E. A.; Hussain, M. Faruque

Scientific Correspondence
Microalgae: a renewable source for second generation biofuels
p. 1141 | Arumugam, M.; Agarwal, A.; Arya, M. C.; Ahmed, Z.

Stylar movement in Valeriana wallichii DC. – a contrivance for reproductive assurance and species survival
p. 1143 | Khajuria, Ankush; Verma, Susheel; Sharma, Puneet

Impact of the 2004-tsunami on the geology of Car Nicobar Island
p. 1145 | Sharma, V.; Bajpai, Shilpa

General Articles
Two thousand metres closer to the Sun – the National Large Solar Telescope project
p. 1148 | Kostadinova, Iva

Review Articles
Isozymes, moonlighting proteins and promiscous enzymes
p. 1152 | Gupta, Munishwar Nath; Kapoor, Manali; Majumder, Abir B.; Singh, Veena

Phase variation and adaptation in bacteria: A ‘Red Queen’s Race’
p. 1163 | Jayaraman, R.

Research Account
Cellulose nanocrystals-based nanocomposites: fruits of a novel biomass research and teaching platform
p. 1172 | Cao, Xiaodong; Habibi, Youssef; Magalhães, Washington Luiz Esteves; Rojas, Orlando J.; Lucia, Lucian A.

Research Articles
Transmission dynamics of novel influenza A/H1N1 2009 outbreak in a residential school in India
p. 1177 | Shil, Pratip; Gurav, Yogesh K.; Chadha, Mandeep S.; Mishra, Akhilesh C.

Continental scale vegetation index from Indian geostationary satellite: algorithm definition and validation
p. 1184 | Nigam, Rahul; Bhattacharya, Bimal K.; Gunjal, Keshav R.; Padmanabhan, N.; Patel, N. K.

Reading source and processes from the distribution of suspended particulate matter and its selected elemental chemistry in the Southern and Indian Oceans
p. 1193 | Dessai, Deepti V. G.; Singh, Ksh. Tomchou; Mohan, Rahul; Nayak, G. N.; Sudhakar, M.

Research Communications
Global equatorial sea-surface temperatures over the last 150,000 years: an update from foraminiferal elemental analysis
p. 1201 | Saraswat, Rajeev

Sr-rich apatite and Nb-rutile from the Chelima lamproite dykes, Cuddapah Basin, southern India and their petrological significance
p. 1207 | Rao, N. V. Chalapathi

Artificial ground water recharge and recovery of a highly saline aquifer
p. 1211 | Saharawat, Y. S.; Chaudhary, N.; Malik, R. S.; Jat, M. L.; Singh, Kanwar; Streck, T.

Carbon isotopic evidence for the origin of Himalayan graphite from Almora crystallines
p. 1216 | Sharma, Rajesh; Rawat, Rakhi; Law, Randall

Development of non-radioactive probes for specific detection of Dasheen mosaic virus infecting Amorphophallus paeoniifolius
p. 1220 | Babu, Binoy; Hegde, Vinayaka; Makeshkumar, T.; Jeeva, M. L.

Berberine and lycopene profiling during the ontogeny of Tinospora cordifolia (Willd.) Miers ex Hook. F. & Thoms fruit
p. 1225 | Khan, Mohammad Imtiyaj; Harsha, P. S. C. Sri; Giridhar, P.; Ravishankar, G. A.

Breeding of endemic catfish, Horabagrus brachysoma in captive conditions
p. 1232 | Padmakumar, K. G.; Bindu, L.; Sreerekha, P. S.; Gopalakrishnan, A.; Basheer, V. S.; Joseph, Nitta; Manu, P. S.; Krishnan, Anuradha

Occurrence of the spider crab Acanthonyx euryseroche, a seaweed associate along the Central West Coast of India
p. 1236 | Joshi, Swati; Savant, Sandip; Kulkarni, Vikrant; Shenai-Tirodkar, Prachi; Emparanza, Esteban J. M.; Jagtap, Tanaji G.

Book Reviews
Good Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia, Joseph Michael Reagle Jr.
p. 1241 | Abinandanan, T. A.

Daphnia: Development of a Model Organism in Ecology and Evolution, W. Lampert
p. 1242 | Pandian, T. J.

Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology, 2010, Randy Schekman, Larry Goldstein and Ruth Lehmann (eds)
p. 1243 | Swarup, Ghanshyam

Personal News
Homi N. Sethna (1923–2010)
p. 1245 | Parthasarathy, K. S.

Historical Notes
A relook at the observatory at Varanasi
p. 1246 | Shylaja, B. S.

National Institute of Biologicals
p. 1250

NCBS - Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP)
p. 1251

p. 1252

Sardar Patel University
p. 1253

p. 1254

p. 1255

Institute of Chemical Technology
p. 1256

p. 1257

Appointment of Director, Vigyan Prasar
p. 1257

Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services
p. 1258

Call for Nominations for BRSI Annual Awards – 2010
p. 1258

SRM University
p. 1259

IBAB - Institute of Bioiformatics and Applied Biotechnology
p. 1259

Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
p. 1260

Environment Protection Training and Research Institute (EPTRI)
p. 1260

Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology
p. 1261

Applications/nominations are invited for the post of Director
p. 1261

PSN College of Engineering and Technology
p. 1262

Tocklai Centenary Chairs for Eminent Scientists
p. 1262

Thapar University, Patiala
p. 1263

St Aloysius College (Autonomous) Laboratory of Applied Biology
p. 1263

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
p. 1264

Centre of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences
p. 1264

p. 1264

p. 1264

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