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Current Science
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Volume 75 - Issue 11  :  10  December 1998
  • In this issue (1099)  |  In this Issue    DjVu | PDF
  • Prizes (1101)  |  Editorial    DjVu | PDF
        Balaram, P.
  • More on 'taxanamists' (1103)  |  Correspondence    DjVu | PDF
        Ganesan, R.
  • In defence of 'taxanamists' (1103)  |  Correspondence    DjVu | PDF
        Janarthanam, M. K.
  • Taxonomists vs field biologists (1105)  |  Correspondence    DjVu | PDF
        Hariharan, G. N.
  • Research fellows: A bleak future (1105)  |  Correspondence    DjVu | PDF
        Upadhyay, Hari Om
  • Molecular farming through nicotine-free tobacco (1106)  |  Correspondence    DjVu | PDF
        Hunsigi, Gururaj
  • Abiotic stress tolerant transgenic crops (1106)  |  Correspondence    DjVu | PDF
        Srivastava, H. S.
  • Nitrogenous fertilizers, neem and vectors of Japanese encephalitis virus (1107)  |  Correspondence    DjVu | PDF
        Sunish, I. P.Rao, D. RaghunathaGajanana, A.
  • Remote triggering of earthquakes - Some fresh views (1108)  |  Research News    DjVu | PDF
        Sankaran, A. V.
  • Voices against the militarization of science (1110)  |  Opinion    DjVu | PDF
        Murthy, M. V. N.Rao, MadanShankar, R.Samuel, J.Sitaram, A.
  • Algal flora in the cave soils (1111)  |  Scientific Correspondence    DjVu | PDF
        Koilraj, A. JohnMarimuthu, G.
  • In vitro studies on some non-coniferous gymnosperms (1113)  |  Scientific Correspondence    DjVu | PDF
        Dhiman, ManjulMoitra, SushmaSingh, M. N.Bhatnagar, S. P.
  • Creation of a hybrid zone in Drosophila with 'allo-sympatric' races (1116)  |  Scientific Correspondence    DjVu | PDF
        Tanuja, M. T.Ramachandra, N. B.Ranganath, H. A.
  • On the discovery of uranium mineralization in Wahkyn Area, West Khasi Hills district, Meghalaya, India (1117)  |  Scientific Correspondence    DjVu | PDF
        D'cruz, EricMathur, S. K.Padhi, A. K.Sachan, A. S.Sen, D. B.
  • First occurrence of araucaroid wood from Pondicherry Formation (Late Cretaceous), Pondicherry, South India (1119)  |  Scientific Correspondence    DjVu | PDF
        Kar, R. K.Ambwani, K.Agarwal, A.
  • ISRO satellites escape unscathed after the Leonid meteor shower (1121)  |  News    DjVu | PDF
  • Healing plants (1122)  |  General Articles    DjVu | PDF
        Valiathan, M. S.
  • Fighting malaria in India (1127)  |  General Articles    DjVu | PDF
        Sharma, V. P.
  • Engineering apomixis in crops: A challenge for plant molecular biologists in the next century (1141)  |  General Articles    DjVu | PDF
        Maheshwari, S. C.Maheshwari, N.Khurana, J. P.Sopory, S. K.
  • Nucleocytoplasmic trafficking of geminiviral proteins (1148)  |  Reviews    DjVu | PDF
        Gafni, Yedidya
  • Betaine reverses toxic effects of aluminium: Implications in Azheimer's disease (AD) and AD-like pathology (1153)  |  Research Articles    DjVu | PDF
        Ramakrishna, T.Vatsala, S.Shobi, V.Sreekumaran, E.Madhav, T. R.Ramesh, J.Easwaran, K. R. K.
  • InRidge program: Preliminary results from the first cruise (1157)  |  Research Articles    DjVu | PDF
        Mukhopadhyay, RanadhirMurthy, K. S. R.Iyer, S. D.Rao, M. M. MalleswaraBanerjee, RanadipSubramanyam, A. S.Shirodkar, P. V.Ghose, Indraneel
  • Co-operative electrostatics for understanding crown ether hydration patterns (1162)  |  Research Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Gadre, Shridhar R.Pingale, Subhash S.
  • A novel electrochemical measurement of reversible decomposition potential of sodium chloride at sub-melting temperatures (1166)  |  Research Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Mohandas, K. S.Sanil, N.Rodriguez, P.
  • Protein alterations associated with salinity, desiccation, high and low temperature stresses and abscisic acid application in Lal nakanda, a drought-tolerant rice cultivar (1170)  |  Research Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Pareek, AshwaniSingla, Sneh LataGrover, Anil
  • Drought-induced enhancement of protease activity during monocarpic senescence in wheat (1174)  |  Research Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Srivalli, B.Khanna-chopra, Renu
  • Identification of blocks in chlorophyll biosynthetic pathway in chlorophyll-deficient mutants of Pennisetum glaucum (L. ) R. Br. (1176)  |  Research Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Karunasri, K.Sailaja, M. V.Subrahmanyam, N. C.
  • Foliar levels of rare earth elements and thorium in coconut palm in relation to root (wilt)-disease (1180)  |  Research Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Wahid, P. A.Kamalam, N. V.Vijayalakshmi, S.Prabhu, R. KrishnaMahalingam, T. R.Eapen, John T.Dang, H. S.Jaiswal, D. D.Balachandran, P. V.Venugopal, V. K.Suresh, P. R.Unnithan, V. K. G.Thomas, Jacob
  • Inversion of gravity anomaly due to a contact (fault) and its application for graben tectonics across Godavari basin (1184)  |  Research Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Raju, D. Ch. VenkataRavikumar, S.Mishra, D. C.
  • Pattern of growth and utilization of abdominal fat bodies during larval development and metamorphosis in five South Indian anurans (1188)  |  Research Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Gramapurohit, N. P.Shanbhag, B. A.Saidapur, S. K.
  • Einstein's Miraculous Year - Five Papers that Changed the Face of Physics (1193)  |  Book Reviews    DjVu | PDF
        Mukunda, N.
  • Therapeutic Strategies for Modulating Inflammatory Diseases (1194)  |  Book Reviews    DjVu | PDF
        Rath, Satyajit
  • Drug Supply and Use: Towards a Rational Policy in India (1195)  |  Book Reviews    DjVu | PDF
        Raghuram, T. C.
  • Development and the Information Age (1196)  |  Book Reviews    DjVu | PDF
        Arunachalam, Subbiah
  • Preface (1197)    DjVu | PDF
  • High pressure and itinerant antiferromagnetism in chromium and Cr-alloys (1200)    DjVu | PDF
        Jayaraman, A.
  • Modern magnetism and the pioneering experiments of K. S. Krishnan (1207)    DjVu | PDF
        Raychaudhuri, A. K.
  • Impact of K. S. Krishnan on contemporary carbon science research (1212)    DjVu | PDF
        Dresselhaus, M. S.Dresselhaus, G.Ramdas, A. K.
  • Magneto-optics of II-VI diluted magnetic semiconductors (1216)    DjVu | PDF
        Ramdas, A. K.Alawadhi, H.
  • A review of our recent work on Raman scattering and a tribute to K. S. Krishnan (1222)    DjVu | PDF
        Jain, S. C.
  • Ring currents and correlation transition in regular annulenes (1233)    DjVu | PDF
        Anusooya, Y.Soos, Z. G.
  • Krishnan and the sampling theorem (1239)    DjVu | PDF
        Simon, R.
  • Forces, structure and electronic correlation functions in liquid metals (1246)    DjVu | PDF
        March, N. H.
  • K. S. Krishnan and early experimental evidences for the Jahn-Teller theorem (1254)    DjVu | PDF
        Baskaran, G.
  • K. S. Krishnan: Birth centenary (1259)    DjVu | PDF
        Gopal, E. S. Raja
  • K. S. Krishnan: A pioneer in condensed matter physics (1261)    DjVu | PDF
        Ramakrishnan, T. V.
  • K. S. Krishnan--the complete physicist (1263)    DjVu | PDF
        Sundaram, R.
  • A conversation with K. S. Krishnan on the story of the discovery of the Raman effect (1265)    DjVu | PDF
        Ramaseshan, S.
  • The tragedy of K. S. Krishnan: A sociological fable, Shiv Visvanathan (1272)    DjVu | PDF
  • Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (1276)  |  Advertisements    DjVu | PDF
  • Physical Research Laboratory - Shri Hari Om Ashram Prerit Dr Vikram Sarabhai Research Awards and the PRL Award (1277)  |  Advertisements    DjVu | PDF
  • Physical Research Laboratory (1278)  |  Advertisements    DjVu | PDF
  • Short-Term Training Course on "Molecular and Chromosomal Techniques in Clinical and Human Genetics" (1278)  |  Advertisements    DjVu | PDF
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