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Current Science
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Volume 58 - Issue 06  :  20  March 1989
  • A star pulsating 2000 times a second! (279)    DjVu | PDF
        Ramaseshan, S.
  • On the implications of the submillisecond pulsar in supernova 1987A (280)    DjVu | PDF
        Bhattacharya, D.Srinivasan, G.
  • Synthesis of some sulphonamide derivatives of thiadiazines as possible hypoglycaemic agents (287)    DjVu | PDF
        Goyal, R. N.Bhargava, Sandhya
  • Extraction and spectrophotometric determination of cobalt (II) with p-methylisonitro- soacetophenone (291)    DjVu | PDF
        Barhate, V. D.Patil, M. R.
  • Climato-diatomological results from Baltal-Lower Karewa beds, Kashmir, India (294)    DjVu | PDF
        Mohan, D. J.
  • Solvent dependence of the absorption and fluorescence spectra of 4-methyl-5, 7-diethoxy coumarin (301)  |  Short Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Giri, R.Rathi, S. S.Murti, V. V. S.Machwe, M. K.
  • Occurrence of lupeol in Calotropis procera latex (302)  |  Short Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Pant, RadhaChaturvedi, Kshama
  • Serenian-moerithere dichotomy: Some evidence from the Middle Eocene of Kachchh, Western India (304)  |  Short Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Bajpai, SunilSrivastava, SureshJolly, Asit
  • Radiocarbon dating of charcoal from pre-Indus civilization fireplace, Upper Indus Valley, Ladakh (306)  |  Short Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Sharma, K. K.Rajagopalan, G.Choubey, V. M.
  • Callus growth and plantlet regeneration in some Indian cultivars of Sorghum (308)  |  Short Communications    DjVu | PDF
        George, L.Eapen, S.
  • Occurrence of bisaccate playnomorphs in the Neyveli lignite (310)  |  Short Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Jeyasingh, D. E. P.Balasubramaniam, D.Devadoss, H. K. P.
  • A new chromosome number report for Chara globularis var. leptosperma f. leptosperma (312)  |  Short Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Ray, SamitChatterjee, Probir
  • Induction of proline accumulation by gamma irradiations in bermuda grass [ Cynodon dactylon (L. ) Pers. ] (313)  |  Short Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Sachdeva, S. K.Ahuja, P. K.
  • Genetics of phenol colour reaction of seed coat in pearl millet [ Pennisetum americanum (L. ) Leeke] (315)  |  Short Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Rao, Y. SaideswaraManga, V.Rao, M. V. Subba
  • Polystichum makinoi (Tag. ) Tag. --A new record for India (317)  |  Short Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Punetha, N.Kholia, B. S.
  • A new species of Asplenium L. (Aspleniaceae) from Javadi hills of North Arcot District, Tamil Nadu, India (318)  |  Short Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Viswanathan, M. B.
  • A note on the occurrence of white plaster disease of cultivated mushrooms ( Agaricus bispoms) caused by Scopulariopsis Jimicola--A new fungus from India (320)  |  Short Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Bhardwaj, S. C.Seth, P. K.Guleria, D. S.
  • Poly- β-hydroxybutyric acid content of Rhizobium strains in relation to growth (321)  |  Short Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Fodder, A. K.Khan, S. L.Chowdhury, A. A.
  • Genetic diversity among plantagos VI. Satellite associations in Plantago ovata Forsk. (321)  |  Short Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Sharma, P. K.Langer, A.Koul, A. K.
  • A critical account on the first occurrence of Coelastrum compositum West from India (323)  |  Short Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Jose, L.Patel, R. J.
  • Studies on the inheritance of trimoulters in the silkworm, Bombyx mori (324)  |  Short Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Singh, RavindraNagaraju, J.Vijayaraghavan, K.
  • New record of hyperparasitoids on Campoletis chloridae Uchida and Eucelatoria bryani Sabroskwy parasitizing Heliothis armigera (Hubner) on tomato (326)  |  Short Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Jalali, S. K.Singh, S. P.Kumar, P.Ballal, C. R.
  • Dissolved oxygen requirements of mayfly nymphs (327)  |  Short Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Venkataraman, K.Mathavan, S.
  • A new species of the spider, genus Poecilochroa (Gnaphosidae) from India (328)  |  Short Communications    DjVu | PDF
        Patel, S. K.
  • Science News (330)  |  Science Notes and News    DjVu | PDF
  • Book Reviews (331)  |  Reviews    DjVu | PDF
  • Obituary (334)    DjVu | PDF
        Bhagavantam, S.
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