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Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
Volume 46 - Issue 21  :  5  November 1977
  • The Age of the Present Deserts over Central Asia (727)    DjVu | PDF
        Ramaswamy, C.
  • Studies on the Relationship of Cineole Content and Refractive Index of Eucalyptus Hybrid Oil (733)    DjVu | PDF
        Theagarajan, K. S.Prabhu, V. V.Subramani, M.Ananthanarayanan, A. K.
  • International Organization of Oligochaete Taxonomists (735)    DjVu | PDF
  • On the Occurance of Stomatolites in the Krol Formation of Nainital area and its Implications on the Age of Krol Formation (736)    DjVu | PDF
        Singh, Indra BirRai, Vikram
  • Uveal Tissue as an Adjuvant to Lens Protein (739)    DjVu | PDF
        Dua, H. S.Ishwarchandra
  • The Crystal Structure of Bis hydrogen Maleato Tetraaquo ?Iron (II) Fe(C4H3O4)2. 4H2O (742)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Gupta, M. P.Sinha, S. K.
  • Ferrimagnetic Volume Change in Lithium-Nickel Ferrites (742)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Reddy, P. Venu GopalRao, T. SeshagiriRamana, Y. V.
  • Flavones and Furanoflavones from the Seed Shells of Pongamia Glabra (743)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Roy, D.Sharma, N. N.Khanna, R. N.
  • Eosn as a Re-Concentrator in the Determination of Antimony in Natural Waters by Neutron Activation (744)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Doshi, G. R.
  • Inelastic Scattering of 280ke Photons by K-Shell Electrons of Lead Tungsten and Tin (746)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Ghumman, B. S.
  • Some Histopathological and HistochemicalObservations in the Testicular Tissues of Vasectomized and Caudectomized Rams (746)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Tandon, KamleshAngelo, S. J.Misra, S. S.
  • Studies on the Pearl Oyster, Pinctada Fucata (Gould) of the Gulf of Kutch (748)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Desai, KiranNimavat, DhirajPandya, J. A.
  • Microsporogenesis in Gilla Capitata Sims (749)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Kumar, S.Jain, D. K.
  • A New Record of Alternaria Causing Leaf Spot of Sunflower (750)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Rao, G. NarasimhaRajagopalan, K.
  • An Improved Technique fro the Karyotype Study of an Economically Important Family Umbelliferae (751)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Hore, Anuradha
  • 'Glyzaglabrin', A New Isoflavone from Glycyrrhiza Glabra (753)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Bhardwaj, D. K.Singh, Radhika
  • Influence of Nitrogen Nutrition and Sheath Rot Disease on Sugar Sontent of Two Paddy Varieties (753)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Mohan, R.Subramanian, C. L.
  • On the Atypical Tracheary elements of Acacia Leucophloea Galls (755)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Raman, A.Suresh, G.
  • Surface Imprinting by Commercial Plastic (756)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Rastogi, K.Shukla, D. B.Lal, BansiSaxena, K.
  • Comparitive Study of the Relative Order of Ligand Field Strenght in Cobaltic Complexes (757)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Dowwad, S. S.Datar, M. G.
  • Two Terricolous Lichens from South Western India (758)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Patwardhan, P. G.Prabhu, A. V.Naharkar, M. B.Makhija, Urmila
  • A New Report on the Coprophilous Ascomycetes from India - 1 (759)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Sharma, Meera
  • Short Scientific Notes (760)  |  Short Scientific Notes    DjVu | PDF
  • Reviews (761)  |  Reviews    DjVu | PDF
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