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Volume 44 - Issue 03  :  5  February 1975
  • X-Ray Intensity Statistics of Approximately Centrosymmetric Structures (71)    DjVu | PDF
        Srinivasan, R.Swaminathan, P.
  • Uptake and Metabolish of 14C-Labelled Glucose in Sargassum Ilicifolium (73)    DjVu | PDF
        Gowda, C. A.
  • Preliminary Observations on the use of Marine Catfish Pituitary Glands for induced Spawning of the Indian Major Carps (75)    DjVu | PDF
        Varghese, T. J.Rao, G. P. SatyanarayanaDevaraj, K. V.Chandrasekhar, B.
  • Recent Trends in Electrochemistry Science and Technology (78)    DjVu | PDF
  • International symposium on Biology and Management of Mangroves (79)    DjVu | PDF
        Joshi, G. V.Krishnamurthy, K.
  • Analytical Applications of 5-Ethyl Reacetophenone Oxime (5-Erapo) (80)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Naik, N. D.Naik, H. B.Desai, C. M.
  • Reaction on Bis-Formamidine Disulphide with Indole (80)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Bhattacharya, Alok K.
  • Analytical application of 2-Amino-5-Bitroso-4, 6-Pyrimidinediol (81)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Kundra, S. K.Katiyal, MohanSingh, R. P.
  • Interaction of Bilirubin with Human Erythrocyte Membrane (82)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Kapoor, C. L.
  • Lysogenic Conversion in Serratia Marcescens (84)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Nandi, NamidaGhosh, R. K.Bose, S. K.
  • Effect of Gibberellic Acid on Alpha Amylase activity of Mutagen Treated Barely Seeds (86)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Paliwal, K. K.Prasad, B.Kumar, S.
  • A note on the Origin of Leptybites (87)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Viswanathan, M. N.Tareen, J. A. K.
  • Sexual Dimorphism in the Cloaca of Calotes Versicolor (Daud) (89)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Sabnis, J. H.Indurkar, S. S.
  • Occurrence of Olpidium Brassicae in India (89)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Singh, S. L.Pavgi, M. S.
  • Embryo Sac Development in Silla Peruviana L. (91)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Dutt, B. S. M.Rao, P. S. Prakasa
  • Total Silica and Brown Spot Disease Development of Rice under varying levels of Nitrogen (92)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Gangopadhyaya, S.Chattopadhyay, S. B.
  • Merrwmia Peltata (Linn. ) Merr, (Convolvulaceae)- a New Recod to Indian Flora from Great Nicobar Island (95)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Thothathri, K.Banerjee, S. P.Hazra, P. K.
  • Investigations on a Mosaic Disease of Cape Gooseberry (95)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Singh, S. J.Sastry, K. S. M.Sastry, K. S.
  • Balanophora Abbreviata Blume in Karnataka (96)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Arekal, Govindappa D.Shivamurthy, G. R.
  • On the Prevalence of Actinomycetes in the Rhizophere of the Medicinal Plant, Solanum Khasianum (97)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Oblisami, G.Jayasheela, N.
  • Patterns of Nodal Anatomy in Loganiaceae (99)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Bendre, A. M.
  • Activated Vermiculite as an Insectide (99)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Venugopal, J. S.
  • Influence of Aldrin on Radio-Carbon (14 C Glucose) Incorporations by two Rhizobium Species (100)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Balasubramanian, A.Kulkarni, J. H.Reddy, H. R. R.
  • Effect of Different Concentration of Ethrel (20Chloroethyl, Phosphonic Acid) on the Properties of Banana Fruits during the Artificial repening (101)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Aziz, A. B. AbouEl-tanahy, M. M.
  • Fertility in Relation to different Haemoglobin Variants in Hariana Cows (104)  |  Short Scientific Notes    DjVu | PDF
        Sengupta, B. P.
  • Fertility in Relation to Red Cell Potassium Types in Murrah Buffaloes (104)  |  Short Scientific Notes    DjVu | PDF
        Sengupta, B. P.
  • Additions to the Host Range of Bottle Gourd Mosaic Virus (104)  |  Short Scientific Notes    DjVu | PDF
        Qamar, S.Naqvi, A.Mahmood, K.
  • Record of the Greenhouse Whitely Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westwood) on Tomato (104)  |  Short Scientific Notes    DjVu | PDF
        Paul, A. V. NavarajanDavid, B. Vasantharaj
  • Grafting Behaviour Between Lycopersicon esculentium L. Var. Marglobe and Solanum Spp. (Solanum torrum and S. Menongena L. ) (105)  |  Short Scientific Notes    DjVu | PDF
        Rajendra, B. R.Kelenjar, A. K.Shivashankar, G.
  • Announcements (105)    DjVu | PDF
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