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Current Science
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Volume 43 - Issue 04  :  20  February 1974
  • On the Shape and Stability of Fingers in a Displacement Process through a Fractured Porous medium (99)    DjVu | PDF
        Venkateswarlu, G.
  • Some Results of Geophysical Surveys in Pondicherry and Adjoining Areas of South Arcot District, Tamil Nadu (102)    DjVu | PDF
        Subrahmanyam, B.
  • Deformation Behaivour of Polycrystalline Zinc at 4. 2deg K (107)    DjVu | PDF
        Prasad, Y. V. R. K.Madhava, N. M.
  • Kinetics of Oxidation of p-Nitrobenzaldehyde by Potassium Permanganate (109)    DjVu | PDF
        Rao, P. RaghunathaSundaram, E. V.
  • Crystal Data of Mononucleotides-Deoxyguanosine-5' Phosphate and Guanosine-5' Phosphate (111)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Seshadri, T. P.Viswamitra, M. A.
  • Vibrations of a Non-Isotropic Trapezoidal Plate (112)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        De, Sasadhar
  • X-Ray Study of the Structure and Ionic Configuration of CoMnGoO4 (113)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Bhalerao, P. D.Kulkarni, D. K.Kher, V. G.
  • Magnetic Susceptibility of the >CH2 Group in Alkyl Aryl Sulphidess (115)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Srinivasan, C.
  • Isolation of Trichotetrol- A New Tetra-hydroxy Pentacyclic Triterpene from Trichosanthes bracteata (Cucurbitaceae) linn. Voight. Syn. T. Palmata (Roxb) (116)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Mohammed, P. A.
  • A New Host for Bacterial Leaf Blight Pathogen of Rice (116)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Reddy, P. RangaNayak, P.
  • Leptosphaerulina Leaf Spot of Cow-Pea, A New Record to India (118)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Anahosur, K. H.Bidari, V. B.Hiremath, R. V.
  • Keto Acid Changes During Fruit Setting in Cicer arietinum (118)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Mukherjee, D.
  • A Modified Schiff Reagent for Use in Feulgen Reaction (120)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Kallarackal, Jose
  • Occurence of Symbiosis in some Non-Leguminous Plants (121)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Patel, K. S.Bhatt, D. C.Shelat, Y. A.
  • The Occurence of Mucous Glands in the Appendages of Talorchestia martensii (Weber) and Orchestia platensis (Crustocea, Amphipoda) (122)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Shyamsundari, K.Rao, K. Hanumantha
  • A New Record for Paleamon (Paleamon) Coccinus Dana, 1852 (Decapoda, Palaemonidae), from India (123)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Dutt, S.Ravindranath, K.
  • The Common Baya (Ploceus phillipinus)-A Serious Pest of Agriculture (124)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Sengupta, S.
  • On the Presence of a Forked Barbel in a Cat-Fish a Clarias batrachus (Linnaeus) (125)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Ovais, M.
  • Rare Occurence of Conchoderma virgatum (Spengler,1790) on a Schyphozoan Medusa (126)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Fernando, Antony S.Ramamoorthi, K.
  • Callogobius andamanensis, A New Gobioid Fish from Curlow Island, Middle Andamans with a Key of Species of Callogobius of the Seas of India and Malay Archipelago (126)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Menon, A. G. K.Chaterjee, T. K.
  • Occurence of Stylar Obturator in Two Euphorbiaceae (128)  |  Letters to the Editor    DjVu | PDF
        Venkateswarlu, J.Rao, Piratla NarasimhaRao, D. Sarveswara
  • A Note on Pyrrhotite of Tapang, Orissa (129)  |  Short Scientific Notes    DjVu | PDF
        Sahu, K. N.
  • A Note on Interesting Fungi from Hyderabad (India) (129)  |  Short Scientific Notes    DjVu | PDF
        Manoharachary, C.
  • The First Record of Algal Boiherbs Palaeozoic Sequence of the tethyan zone of the Kumaun Himalayan (131)  |  Short Scientific Notes    DjVu | PDF
        Shah, S. K.Sinha, A. K.
  • Reviews and Notices of Books (132)  |  Reviews    DjVu | PDF
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