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Multifunctional agroforestry – a paradigm shift in the era of climate change. See page 61.
Volume 122, Issue 01
10 January, 2022

Guest Editorial

- Mehta, M. H.
Sea farming and saline water agriculture have been gaining interest as possible solutions for the limitations imposed by the world’s freshwater supply, farmland availability,...
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Cistanche phelypaea, the first parasitic plant featured on a 1959 French West African postal stamp. Photograph: Martin Westergaard. See page 1538.
Volume 121, Issue 12
25 December, 2021
Transitions in traditional dwellings
Henna, Khadeeja; Mani, Monto
Xanthone from Swertia chirata exerts chemotherapeutic potential against colon carcinoma
Barua, Atish; Choudhury, Pritha; Nag, Niraj; Nath, Anirban; Kundagrami, Sabyasachi; Pal, Amit; Panda, Chinmay Kumar; Saha, Prosenjit
Soil organic carbon variation under sub-tropical forest of Himachal Pradesh, India
Kumari, Bandna; Tiwari, Avinash; Sharma, Sangeeta; Anjum, Jasra
Crop coefficient for coffee as a function of leaf area index
Sant’Ana, J. A. do Vale; Colombo, A.; Junior, J. J. da Silva; Scalco, M. S.; Silva, R. A. da
Molecular insights into crystallization of minerals: the case of first-row transition metal salt hydrates
Thomas, Preethi; Tewari, Shailabh; Jadon, Manisha; Singh, Bharti; Ramanan, Arunachalam

Scientific Correspondence
The Santalum album is unique from seed to wood
Bhaskaran, M.; Umarani, R.; Tilak, M.
Forthcoming Articles
Career challenges for young independent researchers in India
Deepa Agashe, Sugandha Maheshwary, Jitendra Kumar Pattanaik, Jai Prakash, Pragya Bhatt, S.S. Arya, Sriparna Chatterjee, Pankaj Kumar, Paramdeep Singh, Nazia Abbas, Chandra Shekhar Sharma, Chirasree RoyChaudhuri and Pooja Devi
Potential of native forest leaves to modulate in vitro rumen fermentation and mitigate methane emission
Shilpa Choudhary, Ashok Santra, Srobana Sarkar, Ajoy Mandal and Subrata Kumar Das
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Fungal degradation of cultural heritage monuments and management options
Tyagi, Prachi; Verma, Rajesh K.; Jain, Neeraj