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Endemic Nilgiri flycatcher (Image: Wikipedia). See page 1335.
Volume 121, Issue 10
25 November, 2021


- Pramesh, C. S.; Mittra, I.
The SARSCoV-2 virus has spread globally to every country, infecting over 247 million people and causing almost 5 million deaths as on 3 November 2021....
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Three generations of quarks with their masses shown in the background of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) tunnel at CERN, Geneva. These quarks, along with gluons form the fundamental constituents of the primordial matter, which might have been produced after a few microseconds of the Big Bang collision. The LHC aims to produce a plasma of such quarks and gluons in the laboratory. See page 1156.
Volume 121, Issue 09
10 November, 2021
Crumbs top and ‘Notch’ed bottom in tumours
Pakkiriswami, Shanmugasundaram; Natarajan, Sampath; Nagarajan, Usha
Gender dimensions in popular science writing in India
Dharmapalan, Biju; Mahesh, G.; Kumar, Phuldeep
In silico plum pox virus silencing via host-retrieved miRNAs in peach plant
Shahid, Muhammad Naveed; Shehnaz, Syeda; Iqbal, Muhammad Shehzad; Shabbeer, Aneela; Jamal, Adil; Khalid, Sana
Soil and water conservation techniques based land degradation neutrality: a need-based solution for degraded lands in Indian perspective
Gupta, Anand K.; Kumar, Pawan; Rathore, A. C.; Kumar, Parmanand; Kaushal, Rajesh; Islam, Sadikul; Yadav, Devi Deen; Jigyasu, D. K.; Mehta, H.
Mapping of agroforestry systems and Salix species in Western Himalaya agroclimatic zone of India
Rizvi, R. H.; Vishnu, R.; Handa, A. K.; Ramanan, S.; Yadav, M.; Mehdi, A.; Singh, R. K.; Londhe, S.; Dhyani, S. K.; Rizvi, J.; , Punam; Kumar, Rameshwar; Qaisar, Naved
Ecosystem services from ravine agro-ecosystem and its management
Pande, V. C.; Bhatnagar, P. R.; Dinesh, D.; Kumar, Raj; Kumar, Gopal

Forthcoming Articles
Mapping of agroforestry systems and Salix species in Western Himalaya Agroclimatic Zone of India
R.H. Rizvi, R. Vishnu, A.K. Handa, S. Ramanan, M. Yadav, A. Mehdi, R.K. Singh, S. Londhe, S.K. Dhyani, J. Rizvi, Punam, Rameshwar Kumar and Naved Qaisar
Long term monitoring of land use/ land cover change in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh using EO satellite data
Ajay Tiwari, Shivraj Singh Tomar, Vivek Katare, S.P. Vyas and P.S. Dhinwa
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