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Beneficial microbes for sustainable agricultural production
M. Anandaraj

The Indian agricultural scenario has witnessed a sea change in production and productivity over the past decades – from a mere 522 kg/ha of food grains that include... more


We have given Alert notice about fake journals since July 2017 and we have been receiving messages even now from people who have fallen prey to fake journals that are imitating our journal Current Science ( These victims have been defrauded into paying money to have their article published in what they believed to be the true Current Science journal. This alert notice is to warn researchers and authors about this serious problem. More details.

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Possibility of hydrological connectivity between Manasarovar Lake and Gangotri Glacier
S. P. Rai, D. Singh, R. Saini, D. S. Rathore, S. Kumar, S. K. Jain and N. Pant


Tuberculosis and social networks: a narrative review on how social network data and metrics have complemented the knowledge and understanding of tuberculosis transmission in diverse countries and populations
Karikalan Nagarajan and Bagavan Dass


Impact of Pusa hydrogel application on yield and productivity of rainfed wheat in North West Himalayan region
Trisha Roy, Suresh Kumar, Lekh Chand, D. M. Kadam, Bankey Bihari, S. S. Shrimali, Rajesh Bishnoi, U. K. Maurya, Madan Singh, M. Muruganandam, Lakhan Singh, S. K. Sharma, Rakesh Kumar and Anil Mallik


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