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Mosaic of Chandrayaan-1 images over South Pole (left) and 3D view of Sarabhai crater using Chandrayaan-2 data (right). See page 1207.
Volume 123, Issue 10
25 November, 2022


- Babu, Kavita
Publications are one of the realities of a researcher’s life. After spending taxpayer money, we are responsible for publicizing the study’s findings for which we were funded...
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Schematic view of the photocatalytic response of TiO2-RGO for the decompo-sition of water contaminants. See page 1089.
Volume 123, Issue 09
10 November, 2022
Fish models in experimental pharmacology: on the mark or off the mark?
Harikumar, Supriya Raja; Janardhanan, Reshma; Sreekanth, Giri Bhavan
Irrigation water policies for sustainable groundwater management in irrigated north­western plains of India
Chand, Prem; Singh, Jitender Mohan; Sachdeva, Jatinder; Singh, Jasdev; Agarwal, Priyanka; Jain, Rajni; Rao, Sulakshana; Kaur, Baljinder
Does adoption of improved agricultural practices reduce production costs? Empirical evidence from Bundelkhand region, Uttar Pradesh, India
Choudhary, Bishwa Bhaskar; Sharma, Purushottam; Choudhary, Mukesh; Kumar, Sunil; Dwivedi, R. P.; Mahesha, H. S.; Singh, S. K.; Dubey, Shantanu Kumar
Understanding dietary differences in Indian dugongs through opportunistic gut sampling of stranded individuals
Prajapati, Sumit; Ghanekar, Chinmaya; Pathan, Sameeha; Shekar, Rukmini; Magesh, K. Madhu; Gole, Swapnali; Bose, Srabani; Iyer, Sweta; Iyer, Sweta; Pande, Anant; Sivakumar, Kuppusamy; Johnson, Jeyaraj Antony
A new species of Indian kino tree from the Early Eocene forests of northwestern India
Patel, Raman; Rana, Rajendra Singh; Hazra, Taposhi; Khan, Mahasin Ali
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Genome editing of crop plants: relaxation and realities
Augustine, Rehna; Pradeepkumar, T.
Scientific Correspondence
Did Microhyla kodial (Anura: Microhylidae) disperse naturally or through humans?
Aravind, N. A.; Kumar, Vineeth K.; Gururaja, K. V.; Karanth, K. Praveen
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Mosaic of Chandrayaan-1 images over South Pole (left) and 3D view of Sarabhai crater using Chandrayaan-2 data (right). See page 1207.

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Pitch control systems in vertical axis wind turbines: a review
Mukesh Kumar Rathore, Meena Agrawal and Prashant Baredar
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Research contribution of major centrally funded institution systems of India
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