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Guest Editorial

Solar-DC: India towards energy independence
Ashok Jhunjhunwala

Over the last few years, India has focused considerably on solar power. A vision of having 50% of electrical power from renewable technologies by 2030 is being put... more

Research Communications

Change in email domain name

The domain part of the email address of all email addresses used by the editorial office of Current Science, including those of the staff, will change from the present '' (or '') to '' from 1 September 2016. Thus, for example, the address (or will change to (without the string 'academy'). Please take note of this change and use the domain name for Current Science email addresses from 1 September 2016.


Scientific Sessions 2015

28-29 Novemeber 2015, Indian Institue of Science, Bengaluru

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Forthcoming Articles

Wind and solar energy for reducing electricity deficits in Karnataka
A. Gangopadhyay, A. Sampath, B. Velury, D. P. Sen Gupta and D. R. Ahuja


Crop damage by wild herbivores: insights obtained from optimization models
Milind Watve, Abhijeet Bayani and Samriddha Ghosh


Rumen virome: an assessment of viral communities and their functions in the rumen of an Indian buffalo
Nidhi R. Parmar, Subhash J. Jakhesara, Amitbikram Mohapatra and Chaitanya G. Joshi


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